Hi-Tec Spray Offers Graco Sanitary Pump Range

Hi-Tec Spray is a UK distributor for Graco's range of sanitary pumps, sanitary drum and bin unloaders and pressure washers. Where there is a material to dispense - from low-viscosity gravies to high-viscosity syrups and creams - HSL has the right pump for the application, whether it requires a simple double-diaphragm pump, a higher-pressure piston pump, shovel or check valve ram-mounted pump module.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) compliant specifications can be met across the product range whether they are related to flow rates, fluid pressures, material viscosity or material container size or style. All equipment is designed as 'knockdown' without the need for tools to facilitate quick and efficient cleaning providing dwell-free pumping solutions. Hi-Tec Spray also develops a partnership with its clients to design and develop turnkey systems.


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