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Adjustable Levers Come In Stainless Steel

JW Winco has expanded its line of inch and metric stainless steel adjustable levers. These adjustable levers feature a solid, all stainless steel handle with a sand blasted satin finish. Inserts, screws and springs are also stainless steel. The all-stainless steel construction makes this lever appropriate for applications in the food processing and chemical industries. Levers are available in a variety of sizes, in tapped, blind bore and threaded stud types. Special bores, threads, and stud lengths are available on request.

Robotics Collaboration Helps Save Lives

Adept Technology and Prosurgics have reached an agreement to collaborate on the design and development of the next generation of Prosurgics' surgical robotic systems for image-guided neurological and soft tissue surgery. The surgical robotics market in the USA alone is forecast to be worth approximately US $2.5 billion by 2011 (BCC Research) with an expected average annual growth rate of 43% in the period 2006-2011. Examples of the emerging surgical robotics market include cardiac and prostate surgery. Surgical robots are now performing more than 50% of prostatectomies in the US. Clinical outcome data for this kind of surgery has shown superior patient outcomes while at the same time delivering a compelling economic benefit. 'The surgical robotics market requires very high precision products with no room for error', said Rob Bucher, Adept's Chief Executive Officer. 'Our goal in working with Prosurgics is to create technology platforms that can be used in a range of