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Chinese Wastewater Treatment Plant Invests in Porvair Disc Diffusers

Porvair Filtration Group, specialists in filtration and separation, has received a £60,000 initial order to supply a Chinese wastewater treatment plant in Jilin Province with BioVyon™ disc diffusers.

Wastewater treatment plants are required to reduce the organic loading prior to discharge into local water courses in a process known as activated sludge. Continuous aeration is key to this process and provides two critical functions - to provide oxygen to feed the aerobic bacteria that decompose organic matter and to stir the effluent to ensure that it is homogeneous for efficient oxygenation.

Faced with treating 12 tons of effluent per day, the WWTP in Jilin Province selected Porvair's proven  BioVyon disc diffusers to provide a uniform distribution of air bubbles with good oxygen transfer in the activated sludge process process.  Chosen for its low operating costs and high oxygenation transfer efficiency (4-6kg Oxygen /kWh) the Porvair BioVyon™ disc diffuser is composed of porous po…

The Incandescent Lamp is on Its Way Out – LEDs are Ready

The second stage of the EU incandescent light bulb ban is coming into effect – LED lamps are already replacing standard lamps in many areas. On 1 September 2010 the second stage of the phase-out went into effect: since last year it has no longer been allowed to market matt or 100W light bulbs, now the same applies to 75W versions. But there is no need to regret the passing of the incandescent light bulb: LED lamps are able to replace inefficient light bulbs 1:1 in many areas, saving up to 90 percent energy. Light emitting diode technology from OSRAM Opto Semiconductors makes it possible: the small LEDs stand out through their long lifetime, robustness, energy efficiency, flexibility and environmental friendliness.

In addition to being used in mobile phone displays, computers and car headlights, the compact diodes are now also becoming firmly established in general lighting. Their energy efficiency is their most impressive asset: where an incandescent lamp converts only three to five p…

Golden DRAGON Plus: Maximum Efficiency for Urban Lighting

The lighting used in urban areas, such as roads, tunnels, bridges or squares, already often goes beyond the general function of illumination. After all, it has the ability to guide road traffic, present buildings and advertisements in the right light, or give pedestrians a safer feeling at night. However, efficiency and economy also play an increasingly important role when it comes to urban lighting.

OSRAM Opto Semiconductors offers a new version of the Golden DRAGON Plus specifically for outdoor applications. From now on, roads, car parks, underground car parks and public parks can be illuminated even more effectively and energy-efficiently by light with a neutral-white colour appearance. Colour temperatures of 4,000 K, 4,500 K and 5,000 K are available. The new Golden DRAGON Plus combines maximum efficiency with slightly reduced colour rendering properties – i.e. typically 90 lm/W at 4,000 K and a CRI of 70.

With the new Golden DRAGON Plus, efficiency can hence be increased by more…

Brilliant Colors for Brilliant Products - OSLON SSL 80° and 150° with CRI 95

Light and color have a profound effect on our well-being and on the atmosphere of a room.  Correct color rendering is an important aspect of good lighting. A high color rendering index (CRI) means that objects appear in their “true” colors to the human eye. With its high-CRI OSLON 80° and 150° OSRAM Opto Semiconductors is closing in on perfection. As in natural daylight (CRI 100) all objects illuminated with these OSLON versions appear in their natural colors. This is thanks to the excellent color rendering index, typically 95. Realistic color rendering is important particularly in shops so that the goods purchased inside the shop look as good as they do outside in daylight. Items in exhibitions and pictures in museums should be presented in light that allows their true colors to shine out. Natural color rendering is also in demand in other general illumination applications, for example in the home. Despite this high CRI, every version of OSLON offers efficiency that stands compariso…

High-Power LEDs for Projection - Up to 30% Greater System Efficiency and Brightness

The wait is now over. The new generation of green OSRAM OSTAR Compact LEDs are now being used in the first miniature projectors. By simply replacing existing LEDs of the same package size you can achieve an instant increase in system efficiency and system brightness of up to 30%, depending on the design. Customers can offer projectors of the same size but with improved performance or projectors with the same performance but with reduced overall energy consumption.

The new green OSRAM OSTAR Compact is what is behind this enormous 30% increase in power. These LEDs contain a blue chip in the latest ThinGaN chip technology and a green phosphor converter. It is twice as bright as the predecessor model and produces a homogenous pattern of light. Without any change in footprint (3.8 x 3.8 mm) the LED achieves a brightness of 410 lm in converted green at a wavelength of typical 550nm. Green LEDs generally have a particularly strong influence on system brightness because a higher proportion o…

Madgetech Releases the ThermAlert, a Real Time, Wireless, Continous Monitoring and Data Logging System

MadgeTech is pleased to announce the new ThermAlert series. These two-way, wireless data loggers are designed specifically for monitoring and recording temperature and humidity. They are ideal for use in laboratories, hospitals, warehouses, and other environmentally critical locations.

The ThermAlert system can be used to monitor a single location or expanded to include hundreds of locations by adding additional transmitters. It presents real time temperature and humidity data to a central PC and features user programmable alarms that can be configured to send deviation notifications via text message, screen alarm and/or e-mail.

The ThermAlert system is equipped with wireless two-way communication. Full communication can be performed directly from a central PC, including starting, stopping and downloading. In addition to wirelessly transmitting data, ThermAlert also stores up to the last 250 readings to internal memory for backup. This back up data may be retrieved wirelessly at a late…

ETR101A Data Logger

The ETR101A is a complete Exhaust Temperature Profiling Kit designed to profile the exhaust temperature of on-road vehicles and off-road equipment, including tractor trailers, buses, trucks over 14,000 lbs., waste water vehicles, and sweepers. The ETR101A kit comes assembled and includes a data logger, temperature sensor (thermocouple type K), weatherproof enclosure, USB datalogger interface cable (IFC200), hex screwdriver and software.

Setup is fast and easy. The data logger, which is contained within the water resistant enclosure, is mounted to the vehicle. Using the MadgeTech software, the logger is programmed to record for a set period, generally three to five days. Data is stored in the data logger, and is downloadable at any time via a pc or laptop computer. The complete temperature profile is then provided to the diesel particulate filter (DPF) manufacturer, aiding in the selection of the correct DPF for the exhaust system. Many DPF manufacturers, including Donaldson Corp., rec…

LF110 Data Logger

The LF110 is a complete data logging system that accurately measures and records leaf wetness. Not only does it record the presence of water but it logs the amount of water on the sensor. The sensor responds to environments the same way a real leaf does and can also detect when ice is present. This low cost system comes complete with a data logger, weatherproof enclosure and leaf wetness sensor.

The LF110 is ideal for plant disease forecasting, irrigation studies and monitoring frost cycles. The LF110 can record up to 32,767 readings and has software configurable memory wrap to allow for longer deployments based on weather conditions. The storage medium is non-volatile, solid state memory, providing maximum data security even if the battery becomes discharged.

An IFC200 interface cable and software is required for use with the LF110. The device can be started and stopped directly from a computer using the MadgeTech Software.

The LF110 is available with an extended warranty.

State101A Data Logger

The State101A is one of MadgeTech’s newest data loggers. It is part of a new series of low cost, state-of-the-art data logging devices. MadgeTech has taken the lead in offering the most advanced, low cost, battery powered data loggers in the world today.

The State101A offers a 10 year battery life, 4Hz reading rate, a multiple start/stop function, ultra-high speed download capability, 406,323 reading storage capacity, optional memory wrap, battery life indicator, optional password protection and more. The State101A is priced at $99 each and can be delivered from stock now.

Our research has shown that the State101A is second to no other data logger when it comes to price and performance. Using the MadgeTech Software, starting, stopping and downloading from the State101A is simple and easy. Graphical, tabular and summary data is provided for analysis and data can be viewed in multiple units, using the Engineering Units function. The data can also be automatically exported to Excel® for f…

New “Grounding Station” for Hazardous Areas

Newson Gale’s range of ATEX and FM certified static earthing clamps can now be specified along with a new Grounding Station. The Grounding Station provides a convenient and easy to identify location for equipment or plant items that require earthing protection to guard against the hazards of static electricity.

Up to two static earthing clamps can be connected to the Grounding Station which is, itself, connected to a local verified earth point. If more than several items of plant equipment require static grounding protection, multiple Grounding Stations can be interconnected to provide a secure and reliable path to ground.

Supplied with an eye-catching warning sign and made from tough and corrosion resistant stainless steel the stations can be mounted in operating environments ranging from clean rooms to corrosive atmospheres. The Grounding Station also provides operators with a convenient and highly visible location to stow the grounding clamps when they are not in use.

The new Groundi…

Newson Gale Adds New Stainless Steel Hand-Wound Reel to Range

Newson Gale, the global leaders in static earthing protection for hazardous areas, has added a new reel to its range of static grounding reel solutions. This new Hand-wound, stainless steel reel, compliments Newson Gale’s range of Self-retracting static grounding reels and has been designed to meet the requirements of processing areas that require installed equipment to be non-contaminating or corrosion resistant.

The reel is supplied with 3mm diameter stainless steel multi-stranded cable and can also be specified with a see-through flexible nylon coating. Cable lengths of 7.5 metres (25 feet), 15 metres (50 feet) and 30 metres (100 feet) can be ordered with stainless steel & ATEX/FM approved X45 and X90 static grounding clamps.
Additional features include a stowage pin for stowing static grounding clamps when they are not in use and a locking mechanism to prevent unspooling of the cable from the reel.

To find out more about the new reel call Newson Gale on 0115 940 7500.

New stainle…

Earth-Rite® Static Grounding Systems Achieve NEPSI Approval

The Earth-Rite series of hazardous area static grounding systems from Newson Gale has recently achieved Chinese approval from the National Supervision and Inspection Centre for Explosion Protection and Safety of Instrumentation (NEPSI).

Earth-Rite static grounding systems are used widely by the worldwide chemical processing industries to control the risk of uncontrolled electrostatic discharge in flammable gas, liquid vapour or combustible dust atmospheres.

The new NEPSI approval covers the whole range of Series II Earth-Rite systems suitable for grounding all conductive items including Road Tanker Trucks, Railcars, Drums, IBC’s, Totes and other mobile tanks and vessels. The new certification augments existing IECEX, ATEX and CSA/US approvals and underlines Newson Gale’s commitment to design and manufacture static grounding products to truly meet the requirements of the global processing industries.

To learn more about the Earth-Rite product range, visit the Newson Gale website at www.n…

New Cable Reel Option for Earth-Rite Hazardous Area Static Grounding Systems

Newson Gale has introduced a new Self-Retracting Cable Reel option for their range of hazardous area static grounding systems. The VESM02 provides a rugged and versatile alternative to spiral (retractable) cable for the range of Earth-Rite(r) range of systems, which are typically used to ground (earth) road tanker trucks, railcars, mobile tanks, IBC’s, drums and other conductive plant items especially in outdoor locations where the cable may be exposed to rough treatment when not in use.

The VESM02 reel has been assessed and approved in accordance with European ATEX requirements for installation in Zone 1 (flammable gas/vapour) and 21 (combustible powder/dust), when connected to any Earth-Rite Grounding System with certified Intrinsically Safe monitoring circuit output. The unit is also suitable for use in conjunction with Earth-Rite systems with certified Intrinsically Safe monitoring circuit outputs according to North American NEC Class/Division approvals.

The VESM02 has a durable li…

Houston…We Have a Solution!

Nylacast would like to thank everyone that came by and visited our stand at OTC this year.

OTC 2011 had the highest attendance in almost 30 years! With over 78,000 attendees it was an incredible event.

The Nylacast Offshore, Oil & Gas team were present at the event to provide advice and technical support, and were excited to showcase some of our many components and applications and engineering polymer solutions which add a significant amount of value to the industry.

They were also happy about the numbers of visitors at the Nylacast stand, and enjoyed the high level of interest in Nylacast advanced polymers.

For those who were unable to attend OTC 2011 or for anyone looking for further information on Nylacast and the value we add to the Offshore, Oil & Gas Industry, please contact our Offshore, Oil & Gas team, either in the UK or in Houston USA.

Rising Standards

Nylacast has become the first UK company of its type and one of only six UK companies to have achieved the industry recognized accreditation to ISO29001:2010-Oil and Gas.

ISO 29001:2010-Oil and Gas was developed as a direct result of a partnership between ISO and the international oil and gas industry, led by the American Petroleum Institute.  The quality standard defines ‘the management system requirements for the design, development, production, installation and service of products for the petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries'.

With a total of only six companies in the United Kingdom to hold the accreditation, Nylacast are the first and only UK company in the production and manufacturing of engineering polymers to achieve the standard.  Renowned for being "intuitively synchronized" to their customers needs, Nylacast have been working hard to ensure their worldwide customers are receiving a value added service to the highest of standards.

Nylacast Make a 'Bald' Statement for Charity

10 am on the 19th of August 2011 marked a day of change for 4 key members of the Nylacast team, as they struck up the courage to shave their heads, making a ‘bald' change in aid of supporting local Leicestershire based charity Prostaid.

The four volunteers who took the cut included Ian Mallabone (Nylacast Group HR Manager), Martin Payne (Nylacast QHSE Manager), Richard Metcalf (Nylacast Customer Services) and Nigel Price (Nylacast Sales Engineer).

A special thank you goes out to Nigel Price, who bravely and very kindly shaved his hair (previously 50cm in length) after growing accustomed to it for 25 years!!  And Richard Metcalf, who fearfully commented, "My wife is going to kill me when I get home!"

Robert Banner, Manager and Trustee of Prostaid, who was in attendance at the fundraising event announced, "Every week 5 men die and 11 are diagnosed with Prostate Cancer in Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland".  In an effort to increase awareness of the cancer…

Renishaw Creates New Business Division for Radio Frequency Products

From 1st July 2011, the business operations of PulseTeq Ltd have been fully integrated within Renishaw as the PulseTeq Products Division, which will specialise in developing a range of radio frequency coils, test objects, and radio frequency electronic products, which have various applications within clinical research, neurosurgery, multinuclear imaging and spectroscopy.

The new Division is based at Renishaw's new facility in Charfield, close to the company's Gloucestershire headquarters, where many of its other healthcare businesses are also located. A key focus is to provide close fitting surface coils, providing the best possible signal to noise ratio for all multinuclear applications.

PulseTeq Ltd was first established in April 2002 by Chris Randell along with a skilled team of people who all had long established experience in MRI, both with Marconi Medical and SMIS. The company worked with academic groups and other companies in collaborative projects to customise coils whe…

Strain-Gauge Machine-Tool Probe has the Right Touch for Form Measurement of 5-Axis Aerospace Parts

As an aerospace stretch-forming specialist, there’s hardly a part or a die in Triumph’s shop that is not sporting a parabolic, compound curved or cone shape. Rapid, precise measurement of machining work on these parts – while still fixtured on the machine tool – is a core skill the company’s CAD/CAM department developed and refined to facilitate lean manufacturing. But it took an RMP600 strain-gauge probe to bring the refined “touch” needed for consistent, high-accuracy measurement of small hole diameters, contours and geometric tolerances, to name a few. With no lobing (i.e. true 3-dimensional triggering characteristic) and a repeatability of 0.25 μm  (0.00001”), the strain-gauge probe delivers high accuracy when triggered from any direction, after a one-time calibration routine.

The RMP600, combined with Renishaw’s OMV Pro software, gives the company’s Zimmerman CNC 5-axis portal mill CMM-like capability, allowing complex parts to be “bought off” the machine with measurement results…

Renishaw Announces More New Products for EMO Hannover 2011

Renishaw, the global engineering technologies company, is announcing more new products that will be demonstrated at the EMO Hannover exhibition taking place in Germany, from 19th - 24th September. These include touch probes and software systems that will aid process control on CNC machine tools and a new surface finish measurement probe for co-ordinate measuring machines (CMMs).

These new metrology products will be demonstrated alongside other significant products already announced, including a radical new alternative to traditional dedicated gauging, a new range of additive manufacturing technologies and a 5-axis probe for CMMs.

Visitors to EMO 2011 will see that Productivity+™ is a unique software solution for the integration of measurement and process control functionality into CNC machining programs. Providing significant advantages over traditional methods, Productivity+ eliminates the requirement for the manual addition of probing cycles into G-code, instead using ‘point and clic…

Fast, Automated Health Check for Multi-Axis Machine Tools

Renishaw's AxiSet™ Check-Up is a cost-effective solution for checking the alignment and positioning performance of rotary axes. In just a few minutes, users of five-axis machining centres and multi-tasking mill-turn machines can identify and report on poor machine alignments and geometry that can cause extended process setting times, as well as non-conforming parts. The latest release is now available, offering significant new benefits to users.

There has been strong growth in the market for multi-axis machines, but until now, no easy and reliable process for analysing the performance of their rotary axes and identifying problems caused by incorrect machine set-up, collisions or wear. Key to precision machining is the ability to understand the location of the centres of rotation of the rotary axes relative to the machine's linear axes. Without accurate data about these ‘pivot points', a machine's controller will be unable to reliably control the relative positions of t…

The new Bürkert TwinPower Technology

Our revolutionary TwinPower technology uses two coils. Therefore our solenoid valves are 50% smaller than standard valves with same performance. More minimum for your great ideas.

Our new TwinPower technology operates with two coils instead of only one as before. This means greater freedom when it comes to energy efficiency, miniaturisation and performance: our TwinPower solenoid valves take up 50% less installation space whilst offering the same fluid switching capacity, which makes them the best performing valves on the market in their class. The new dual-coil concept also permits electrical power consumption to be reduced by 75%.

The new TwinPower solenoid valves 6624/6626 rely on the tried-and-tested, reliable and globally successful rocker principle with separation of media. The innovation in the type 6624/6626 TwinPower concerns the TwinPower actuators with two solenoid coils which make it possible to build a significantly smaller valve. The principle remains the same - but with…

The ELEMENT On/Off and Control Valve Range

Give your plant a competitive edge. The new ELEMENTs of success.

As a modular program they can be combined in a broad array of configurations to be perfectly suited to your exact process. With backlit displays and colored status lights, you are able to quickly determine diagnostic messages at a glance. The beautiful stainless steel design means they are specially suited for the requirements of both environmentally aggressive and hygienic areas. They are easy to clean, deliver excellent precision across a wide range of fluids and look stunning.

Here you find additional data about the our ELEMENT products:
On/Off system: Type 8801Continuous system: Type 8802On/Off valves: Type 2100 | Type 2101Control valves: Type 2300 | Type 2301Diaphragm valve: Type 2103Control heads: Type 8690 | Type 8691 | Type 8695Positioners and process controllers: Type 8692 | Type 8693 | Type 8694 | Type 8696

Kreon Unveils Solano, The New Low-Cost Scanner

After the success of Zephyr and Aquilon, Kreon is proud to present Solano, a simple, fast and accurate 3D inspection solution. Kreon Technologies used its knowhow and experience to create a low-cost scanner, in order to meet the increasing need of companies to save money while investing in high quality products. Solano drew its inspiration from its predecessors and combines high technological performances with a competitive price for the best quality/price ratio.

KREON Solano scanner's characteristics are suitable for reverse engineering and quality control needs in workshop, engineering and design department or metrology room. The versatility of Solano allows the operator to have access to varied functionnalities such as surface reconstruction, scan-to-CAD comparison, color coded visualization of deviations etc. Solano provides a double performance, as it is able to realize laser measurments but also tactile measurements thanks to the presence of a probe.

The Solano scanner is a us…

Oxley Illuminates London Underground Equipment

The high intensity LEDs have been customized for use in illuminated control boxes known as Mimic Panels which identify the schematic outline of the underground railway tracks.

Oxley has secured a production order to supply LED Displays for use in rail side electronics equipment on the London Underground.

The high intensity LEDs have been customized for use in illuminated control boxes known as Mimic Panels which identify the schematic outline of the underground railway tracks.

The LEDs will be supplied to a contractor of the London Underground who builds and maintains the railway tracks. The order follows an initial requirement for prototypes which successfully passed a qualification program and have now been granted approval for manufacture into the panels.

The single chip LEDs are a customized variant from the Oxley OXL/CLH mid-range of LED Indicators. They include many features of robust, quality, high specification military devices but these are lower in price rendering them cost eff…

Oxley Launch new BA9 and E10 Bulb Replacements

Oxley has introduced a new series of bipolar LEDs to its extensive range of LED incandescent bulb replacements.

Designed to replace standard BA9 and E10 incandescent bulbs in push button switches and panel instrumentation the ELEDs are suitable for use in rail, power and oil and gas applications.

The new ELEDS have a unique multi-voltage operating range from 12 vdc/vac to 60 vdc/vac ensuring bipolarity, thermal management and increased mean time between failure of 100,000 hours.

They utilize the latest in LED technology to achieve the required levels of illumination. The LED is machined to create a flat top that ensures ‘true and even’ behind bezel illumination and eliminates the hot spot often associated with earlier, more directional LEDs.

Oxley LED Business Manager David Howell says: “The benefit of using an Oxley warm white ELED is that the color mimics that of an incandescent bulb and successfully filters through all colors of push button switches including the more problematic yell…

Aircraft Carrier Contract for Oxley

Oxley has been awarded a contract by Northrop Grumman Corporation (NYSE: NOC) to provide detailed engineering of LED navigation and signal lights for the two new Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers currently under construction for the UK Royal Navy.

Under the contract, awarded by Northrop Grumman Sperry Marine, Oxley will provide engineering services for the ships’ navigation and signaling lights, including sidelights, stern light, anchor light, maneuvering lights and warning signals. The scope of work encompasses 11 different light specifications. LED technology will be implemented throughout, ensuring high reliability, low maintenance and reduced electrical load power requirements resulting in low through-life costs. The lights will meet COLREGs (International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea), and will be Oxley NVG Friendly™, which means they will be suitable for night operations with Night Vision Goggles.

Sales and Marketing Director for Oxley, Andy Bednarek, said: …

Oxley Supply Nav Lights for EADS Atlante UAV

Oxley  has been awarded a prestigious contract to supply aircraft navigation LED lights to the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company (EADS) for their Atlante unmanned air vehicle (UAV) program.

Oxley will supply a full suite of external lights for the Atlante aircraft, consisting of Oxley NVG FriendlyTM wing tip navigation, anti-collision and tail lights. Under Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) there is a requirement for all aircraft to have anti-collision and position lights. Position lights consist of an Aviation Red light on the left side, an Aviation Green light on the right and an Aviation White tail light.

Atlante is a long range tactical UAV which is used for reconnaissance, surveillance and target identification. One ground control station can control four aircraft, which can operate 24 hours a day in any weather conditions and can take off and land on a runway or can take off from a launcher and land using a parachute. The aircraft is in production in Spain and the f…

CM330 Transmitter with CCS142D Chloromax Sensor Approved for EPA Method 334.0 Reporting

The Endress+Hauser amperometric Chloromax sensor with Liquiline transmitter comply with EPA Method 334.0 for reporting and are the modern approach for monitoring free chlorine in water quality or disinfection applications.  The Liquiline CM330 utilizes Endress+Hauser's inductively coupled, digital communication, Memosens technology to reduce measurement errors and increase process uptime.  Memosens allows pH and free chlorine sensors to be calibrated in the lab then installed and verified in the field.  The free chlorine measurement is pH and temperature compensated to provide the most accurate measurement.

The Chloromax CCS142D is the first disinfection sensor available in the Liquiline water/wastewater series of sensors.  In addition to the Memosens digital technology, the Endress+Hauser electrolyte has been improved to provide the best stability available against changes in process composition and prolonged use in low level chlorine measurement.

Endress+Hauser offers a complete …

Liquiline M CM330 with Chloromax CCS142D

The Liquiline CM330 and CCS142D are designed to monitor free chlorine in water. The analyzer automatically compensates for temperature and changes in pH and does not require the use of chemicals.

The amperometric free chlorine sensor with Memosens technology saves time in the field by allowing the sensor to be polarized in the laboratory or maintenance building so that all that needs to occur in the field is the DPD calibration slope calibration. pH sensors are pre-calibrated in the laboratory and simply exchanged in the field.

The amperometric measurements with the cost-savings benefit of reduced time in the field make the CM330 and CCS142D the ideal choice for local and remote water monitoring.

The CM330 is suitable for use in dringing water, distribution and monitoring, chlorination and wastewater processes. The Chloromax CCS142D sensor is available with the choice of a high or low level measuring range.
    0.05-20/mg/L free chlorine    0.01-5.0/mg/Ll free chlorine

Water Sampling Solutions

Fixed and portable samplers are designed for water and wastewater treatment, compliance monitoring and process reliability applications.

Endress+Hauser announces its line of water sampling solutions for monitoring influent and effluent at water/wastewater treatment plants and in industrial process water applications. Other leading applications include municipal, industrial and surface water sampling. The water sampling line includes the Liquistation CSF48  stationary unit and the Liquiport CSP44  portable unit. The following description applies to both units except as noted.

The units accept "hot plug and play” inputs from up to two Endress+Hauser's Memosens digital sensors to measure parameters such as nitrates, conductivity, oxygen, pH, ORP turbidity or suspended solids. The same unit can be used to simultaneously measure multiple parameters just by changing sensor types. Each sensor simply plugs into a unit and can be configured from the unit's multilingual display usin…

Taking technology to the next level Levelflex FMP55 series featuring SensorFusion

Endress+Hauser's new Levelflex FMP55 series is now enhanced with groundbreaking SensorFusion technology to offer best-in-class guided radar measurement in difficult applications such as interface measurement with emulsions and indeed any other applications where echo loss is a problem.

With an installed base of over 1 million Levelflex measuring points, Endress+Hauser has harnessed all its experience to create a guided radar device that really delivers on performance in the field. Using SensorFusion technology as a world first, the new Levelflex FMP55 series combines the tried and trusted level monitoring capabilities of capacitance level measurement with the all the advantages of guided radar continuous monitoring - in a single instrument!

Signal loss can be a costly problem in many of the traditionally 'difficult' applications. Other instrumentation or heating elements within a vessel can cause problematic signal drops and emulsion layers and multiple fluid levels presen…

Dimplex Launches Air-Eau Inverter Heat Pumps

Dimplex has launched the Air-Eau range of inverter-driven heat pumps, offering energy efficiency and performance, low noise levels and easy installation. With outputs from 6-16kW, the range covers domestic applications from small, well-insulated new build homes, to retrofits in existing homes which will have higher heat requirements. The range achieves very high CoPs of up to 4.7 across a range of operating temperatures.

Designed to work efficiently with underfloor heating, Dimplex Smartrad radiators or conventional radiators, Air-Eau heat pumps offer variable water flow temperatures between 35degC and 55degC for maximum space heating comfort, with weather compensated flow temperature control for improved efficiency. At the heart of the Air-Eau heat pump is a variable speed, inverter controlled compressor, which allows the heat levels delivered to be matched closely to the heating requirements of the building, as ambient temperatures change.

This means that in cold weather heat pump ca…

Micro Nozzle Technology for ESAB M3 Plasma System

ESAB Cutting Systems' M3 precision plasma cutting system has been further improved with the addition of Micro Nozzle technology to the ESAB PT-36 plasma cutting torch. Designed for applications involving the plasma cutting of thinner plate, the Micro Nozzle promotes the production of very narrow kerfs and high arc density.

The Micro Nozzle, with 30-60-90 amp versions, has been optimised for cutting thin metal sheet from 2-10 mm. Because of the higher arc densities it can produce, Micro Nozzle can provide precise cutting in most applications. The narrow kerfs also allow small contour cutting for small holes, slots and corners. Micro Nozzle technology is also favourable when cutting copper and aluminium where reflectivity and heat absorption can be a problem.

The ESAB PT-36 plasma cutting torch is available both as a new torch and to retrofit to replace older torches. The M3 plasma system's ability to achieve higher precision plasma cutting with the Micro Nozzle adds to the sys…

Saint-Gobain PAM Offers Cast Iron Rainwater System

Classical Plus pre-painted cast iron rainwater products from Saint-Gobain PAM UK have been specified for a Grade I Listed 16th Century manor house in London. The property is home to a Museum as well as the Borough of Haringey's Archives and Local History Service. Set in 20 acres of parkland, Bruce Castle Museum has recently undergone a major refurbishment.

As part of this, existing cast iron rainwater systems on the building, installed up to 100 years ago, were replaced with new 150x100mm moulded gutters, with 75mm circular downpipes. Supplied ready to install, the Classical Plus range is pre-painted with a semi-gloss, black high-performing polymer alloy (Plascoat PPA 571 ES) finish which is recognised by the industry for outstanding performance on metal for external applications. It offers excellent performance with minimal maintenance.

The rainwater products were specified by architects NPS and supplied by Drain Center in Orpington. The main contractor for the project was Conisto…

Passivent Develops Acoustic Ventilation Solution

Passivent has developed SoundScoop in association with Arup, a product that combines natural ventilation with noise attenuation. It significantly reduces sound transmission from one area to another, while enabling low resistance airflow - essential in naturally ventilated buildings.

This can help reduction in energy consumption as part of the continuing drive for zero carbon buildings, without compromising acoustic performance targets as described in British Standards and Building Bulletins. SoundScoop is positioned at high level in the partition/wall between two internal spaces, enabling natural air movement with minimal pressure drop. A patented sound absorbing lining optimises attenuation of mid frequency sound, typically the most problematic.

Accredited laboratory testing has demonstrated that an acoustic performance of up to Dnew44 can be realised. SoundScoop's design of an ABS sleeve with foam lining enables it to be flat-packed for easy transportation, with 16 product models…

Eriez® Model FF Metal Separators Remove Metal Contamination

New Model FF Metal Separators from Eriez® are ideal for inspecting materials under free-fall conditions. These sensitive separators detect all magnetic and non-magnetic metal contamination including steel, aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel--even when it is encapsulated in materials like plastic pellets.

Eriez Model FF Metal Separators provide protection for extruders, injection molding, blow molding and fine grinding mills. This results in less mold and equipment wear and increases production uptime. Product purity is also improved, which is especially helpful with recycled plastics. Model FF Separators offer high scanning sensitivity to all metals. When detected, metal contaminants are rejected through the “Quick Flap” reject unit, which can be rotated to match the position of the reject container.

Model FF’s automatic or manual product compensation allows flexible adaption to product conductivity and its
enhanced signal-to-noise-ratio minimizes susceptibility to electromagne…

Eriez® Hydroflow® Portable Tramp Oil Separator Features Compact Design for Small Metalworking Plants

The compact design of the Eriez® Hydroflow® Portable Tramp Oil Separator is an ideal choice for small
metalworking plants. The high-speed centrifuge built into the portable separator delivers exceptionally clean fluid with tramp oil levels below 0.5 percent and metallic solids in the 2 to 5 micron range.

Reducing tramp oil is a high priority for all metalworking shops. Excess tramp oil leads to smoke, mist and bacterial infestation of the metalworking fluids, and adversely affects surface finish and reduces tool and dimensional tolerance control. Installing the Eriez Portable Tramp Oil Separator extends the life of coolants and cleaners, improves machining and preserves valuable tools.

Eriez’ Portable Tramp Oil Separator recycles fluids at the sump by placing two hoses directly into the machine sump, removing free and emulsified tramp oils from water miscible coolants and aqueous cleaners while the machine tool continues to operate. Features of the Portable Tramp Oil Separator include s…

Balances Worth their Weight in Gold

Balances play a central role in refining precious metals. They are used to ensure that the gold and silver content is measured with the highest possible accuracy. Argor-Heraeus relies on balances to meet the stringent regulations issued by the London Gold Bullion Association and the Jewelry and Watch industries.
The Argor-Heraeus gold refinery processes precious metals and produces semi-finished components for distribution to the watch and jewelry industry. METTLER TOLEDO balances are used to ensure that the gold and silver content is checked and controlled with the highest possible accuracy throughout the entire refinery process.

“We already use third generation METTLER TOLEDO balances in our gold and silver refinery where the highest weighing accuracy and reliable results are essential,” replied Lorenzo Medici, manager of SC Engineering at Argor-Heraeus, when asked about his experience with METTLER TOLEDO balances.

The importance of weighing becomes immediately evident during the fact…

Ruggedised MIL-STD-901D Cabinet Protects Sensitive Electronics in Naval Applications

The highlight of the Schroff stand at DSEi 2011 will be the company's Varistar MIL 901D ruggedised 19in. cabinet, which has been designed to protect sensitive electronic systems from demanding environments such as those encountered during operation at sea.

Suitable for use on frigates, aircraft carriers and submarines, the cabinet has been independently tested in accordance with the MIL-STD-901D standard to confirm its robustness and stability under conditions of extreme shock. In addition, its vibration resistance satisfies the requirements of MIL-STD-167.

The cabinet provides IP55 sealing against the ingress of dust and moisture, while its frame and covers are galvanised and powder coated to protect them from corrosion.

Helping to keep project costs in check through the use of COTS technology, the MIL 901D model is based on Schroff's standard Varistar cabinet, with expertly engineered modifications to enable it to cope with the rigours of naval applications.

Four shock absorber…

19" Electronics Cabinet: Novastar Video Animation Illustrates the Concept and Technical Details

Schroff is now presenting its new Novastar 19" aluminium cabinet in a video animation that can be viewed in the online media section of the Schroff website. This area of the site also contains video animations and films on other topics and products. The Novastar cabinet was specially conceived for the control and instrumentation, laboratory and audio, video and broadcasting segments of the market. The new cabinet features an attractive look, high functionality and flexibility and maximum accessibility to the components housed inside.

The video animation explains the concept of the new cabinet in detail and illustrates both the envisaged user domains and the technical details of the frame, the cladding and accessories, etc. The user can assemble an individual cabinet from more than 30 standard dimensions and a wide range of accessories. Further modifications and alterations can also be carried out if required. With its external frame and internally positioned cladding, the new ca…

VPX Backplanes for the Most Demanding Applications: Data Transfer Rates of 40 Gbit/s

As the successor to VMEbus, the VPX specification allows a wide range of software protocols, and in particular, superfast serial data transfer. These include PCI Express, RapidIO and Ethernet. Schroff has also developed new backplanes for the specification.

Two 3 U VPX backplanes are now available for customers. The first of these is a 5-slot full mesh VPX backplane, the second a 7-slot Single Star Open VPX backplane. Backplanes with other numbers of slots and topologies compatible with the Open VPX specification (VITA 65) and 6 U versions are in preparation. The 5-slot 3 U full-mesh unit has a slot spacing of 0.8" for standard air-cooled boards. The 7-slot 3 U Single Star backplane has a slot spacing of 1" with additional, height-reduced screw-on positions for conduction-cooled assemblies (CCAs). Both VPX backplanes, like other Schroff high-speed backplanes (AdvancedTCA, MicroTCA and CompactPCI), are laid out to design rules for 10 Gbit/s on one differential pair or 40 Gbi…

New MicroTCA System Offers Rear I/O for Physics Applications

Electronics packaging specialist Schroff has introduced a compact new MicroTCA system to meet the requirements of the proposed MTCA.4 subspecification for high-energy physics and other advanced test-and-measurement applications.

The physics community has committed itself to adopting MicroTCA as an open standard for future data systems in particle accelerators and similar research facilities. To ensure that MicroTCA fully satisfies the needs of such users, PICMG has now developed a version of the specification known as MTCA.4: MicroTCA Enhancements for Rear I/O and Precision Timing.

The new Schroff MTCA.4 system is an ideal entry-level system for development purposes and consists of a 5U-high, 42HP-wide chassis complete with backplane, power supply and fan.

At the front there are six AdvancedMC slots in double mid-size format, one MicroTCA carrier hub (MCH) slot and one slot for a plug-in 300W PSU, while the rear of the unit provides six RTM (rear transition module) slots in double mid-s…

Advantech Embedded Cloud Services- Emb’Store: On-Demand Services for Embedded Computing

Advantech, the embedded platform and integration services provider has just launched Emb’Store, the first Cloud based service specially designed for the embedded and industrial market. Advantech embedded platforms have always offered all kinds of system and integrated software services, and with the arrival of the cloud computing era, they continue to offer an even higher level of embedded software services. Emb’Store is an online, on demand service which offers the latest embedded hardware device drivers, BIOS updates, and API’s, as well as 3rd party applications and specific embedded software.

Emb’Store is Advantech’s new online, on demand website providing cloud-based services for the industrial and embedded market. Based on Microsoft‘s .NET Framework, Advantech developed a user friendly GUI, providing the functions needed for specialist system integrators, but also ready to use for end customers. Until now embedded developers had to choose several different software components to …

John Crane enters into agreement to buy Turbo Components & Engineering

John Crane is very pleased to announce that it has entered into an agreement to purchase Turbo Components & Engineering (TCE), based in Houston, Texas.

TCE is a leading aftermarket bearing repair facility with a globally recognized brand and a world-renowned reputation for customer service, technical knowledge and product quality. When completed, the acquisition of TCE will build upon the strengths of John Crane’s existing bearing organization, providing John Crane with the needed knowledge, brand recognition, products and service offerings to build its global bearing repair capabilities.

Subject to regulatory approval, the transaction is scheduled to be complete in late September. More communications will be released following the formal closing. John Crane is very excited about this new opportunity, which further enhances its existing bearings capabilities and supports the development and growth of the company into the leading global hydrodynamic bearings provide…

Forged Design Ensures Compliance Around the Globe

That is where John Crane Indufil can simplify your process as your one-stop resource for filtration products. All Indufil filters have a forged body construction, providing a compact weld-free design that complies with all international pressure vessel design codes, without the necessity for detailed weld certification.

“By eliminating the cumbersome testing process associated with welding specifications,” said Brian R. Adamson, North American Sales Manager for Indufil Products, “time and labor savings are built in. Further, our high performance forging process ensures that Indufil filters meet any design code or specification around the world, including API 614 as a minimum.”

Using a forged process as compared to welding has other benefits as well including elimination of rust points and weld imperfections. John Crane Indufil manufacturers numerous components for the filters in-house, eliminating unnecessary steps and dependence on outside vendors.

Perfect sealing i…

John Crane Engineered Bearings Business Secures Its Market Leading Position

The acquisition of Orion Corporation, now known as John Crane Orion, was completed in May of this year. With two manufacturing facilities in North America, the acquisition extends John Crane’s hydrodynamic bearing design and manufacturing capability across two continents and adds to the existing product range of John Crane Bearing Technology GmbH; based in Germany. The integration of the Engineered Bearings business into the worldwide John Crane sales and service network positions John Crane as a truly global bearings supplier; capable of providing global service at a local level.

John Crane Orion specializes in power generation and turbine drive solutions, supported by John Crane Bearing Technology with their specialist expertise in Turbomachinery equipment such as gear boxes, compressors and pumps. With a combined experience of over 100 years of bearings design and manufacturing, John Crane is certain that it has the competence and capability to provide the most ro…

John Crane’s Global Service Repairs Ailing Dry Gas Seal Despite International Flu Crisis

On a Tuesday in June 2009, a major refinery in Chile contacted John Crane Chile S.A. about a compressor problem at its processing facility. Due to complications with the compressor, it had to be taken offline, and the seals needed repair. The compressor was vital to the plant‘s operation, and without the compressor the majority of the processing system had to be shutdown. In most cases, when a refinery goes down, the result can be a loss of a half-million dollars per day.

Although the plant usually has spare seals on hand, in this instance, the spare seals were out for repair at John Crane’s United States headquarters in Morton Grove, Ill. Repairing the remaining seal as soon as possible was crucial to getting the plant online. Plant personnel requested that a John Crane technician from the U.S. travel to Chile to repair the seals onsite, which would not have been a problem, except for the outbreak of the H1N1 flu. In June 2009, the World Health Organization (WHO) …

Super-Precision Indexing for the Medical and Aerospace Industries

The Hardinge DD100 high-speed, direct-drive Super-Precision® Rotary Table manufactured by Hardinge is a high-speed parts positioner with ± 3 arc-sec accuracy and 4 arc-sec repeatability. It’s smart technology in a small footprint that can take your production to the next level.

Hardinge direct-drive rotary tables are ideal for the aerospace and medical industries requiring super-precision parts. The DD100 direct-drive high-speed positioner also works well for drill & tap and laser processing. The DD100 is capable of spindle speeds up to 4200 degrees-per-second and up to 600 rpm continuous rotation. That’s over 10x faster than a gear-driven indexer. The Hardinge A2-4 spindle nose accepts standard 5C tooling, when used with a collet closer, to provide high-precision gripping of many part shapes, sizes and materials. 5C gripping options include collets, expanding collets, step chucks for larger part diameters, jaw chucks and fixture plates.

Hardinge direct-drive rotary tables have a s…