Newport Launches Compact Photonic Control Devices

Newport Corporation has introduced the Conex range of compact photonic control instruments. The range features three new devices that connect via USB plug-and-play technology and that allow simple but functional PC computer control solutions. Multiple units can be connected to a single USB port and for Conex-PSD9 and Conex-IOD models the USB port also powers the modules, eliminating the need for additional power supplies and/or cables. The Labview-based utility program software provides a graphical user interface for each module. A set of Labview virtual instruments is also available.

Initially, three models have been introduced: first, the Conex-CC motor controller/driver is a compact, low-cost motor controller/driver for Newport's low-power DC servomotor stages or actuators; second, the Conex-PSD9, a position-sensing detector, provides the accurate XY position information of laser beams and is suitable for laser beam stabilisation, laser tracking and general beam diagnostics; and, third, the Conex-IOD is a general-purpose input/output module that works with many third-party devices and features both digital input/outputs and 12-bit analogue input/output interfaces.

Newport's Conex photonics instruments are said to be suitable for tasks that require a low-cost solution when the use of a computer-controlled system is specified.


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