Technifor Demonstrates Marking Solutions At Mach

From 7 to 11 June, Mach visitors will be able to view Technifor's marking and engraving solutions. Micro-percussion machines being demonstrated include the new-generation XF510p and the Propen P5000. Offering full integration, the XF510p is compact and offers fast marking on areas between 50 x 20mm up to 200 x 80mm. Designed to fit into the smallest possible volume, it is ideally integrated into production lines where space and accessibility are a concern. The P5000 uses micro-percussion technology to provide quality marking.

Up to five high-quality characters can be marked per second within a 100 x 120mm area and the character size can be adjusted from 0.5 to 80mm. Easy to install, the P5000 requires no specific training. Manually adapted to the size of the part being marked - up to 300 mm high - by an ergonomic handle, the P5000 can mark all types of materials up to a hardness of 62 HRc. Portable marking solutions will also feature with the M120 and XF520Cp. The self-contained, portable M120's independent nature makes it suitable for identifying fixed assets, preventing counterfeiting, tracing bulky parts or for the indelible registration of products on leasing contracts.

Capable of marking up to 10 characters per second in a marking area of 50 x 20mm, the XF520Cp uses the same technology as Technifor's integrated marking machines. Balanced for stability and comfort, the system is designed to mark accurately from any orientation. At 2.7kg, the XF520Cp is lightweight and, with dimensions of 133mm (l) x 179mm (w) x 94mm (h), can mark locations that were previously out of reach. The XF520Cp can mark a range of materials, including raw, machined and painted metals and alloys, and most plastics. Equipped with an interchangeable foot system, information can be marked on flat, angular, convex or concave surfaces.

The character size ranges from 0.5 to 49.5mm (h) and integrated, intuitive software allows the fast creation of marking files, with icons, pop-up help and an on-screen graphic preview. Over 1,000 marking files can be held in memory, with fixed text, variables, date and time, and counters, etc. The file can also be imported or exported via a USB drive. The XF530p has been designed for industry sectors that require deep marking of parts, such as oil and gas, mining, materials handling, ship building, construction and transport. It is also portable and has the concentrated power to mark material deep enough to clearly show through most surface finishing processes, including painting, zinc plating or shot blasting.

Offering a marking area of 200 x 50mm, the XF530p can mark flat, angular and radial material to a depth of up to 0.4mm. With adjustable ergonomically designed twin handles that can be orientated horizontally or vertically and featuring built-in start buttons, the XF530p is said to be easy to manoeuvre and marks accurately on all material types and surfaces. Scribe-marking technology is an almost silent process, making it suitable for industrial applications with sound constraints. The XF510 scribing solution offers speed and precision for traceability and identification of all part types, without any noise. Marking up to five characters per second, it can be used to mark all types of materials, including metals, alloys and plastics of any shape, with machined or cast-finishes.

Laser marking will be represented by the recently launched TF420. Using next-generation components developed for the telecommunications industry the TF420 has a marking power of up to 20W to provide consistent, high-contrast character quality on a range of materials and difficult surfaces, such as castings. Capable of marking at up to 2.5m/sec, the compact laser unit can be integrated in any orientation to mark metals, plastics, ceramics and other materials. Technifor's marking solutions can be integrated into continuous production lines generating serial numbers, logos and Datamatrix codes, or they can be used as portable marking systems.


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