Laser Lines Supplies HP Designjet 3D Printers

Laser Lines has become a Hewlett Packard Preferred Partner and is now able to offer the HP Designjet 3D and the HP Designjet 3D Colour printers. The Designjet covers a range from an easy-to-use desktop 3D printer up to a large additive manufacturing centre capable of building parts almost a metre square in a wide range of materials. The HP Designjet 3D offers a totally automated solution for producing models in an office environment.

Both building and support removal require no labour, leaving the operator free to focus on creative activities. The consumables are clean and easy to handle, requiring only a short amount of time a week to ensure the machine is ready when needed. The system is environmentally friendly as Hewlett Packard provides a recycling scheme for empty material spools and unwanted models.


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