Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Wells Sanitary District waste water treatment facility has installed four Optiflux electromagnetic flowmeters to monitor the flow of sludge at the treatment plant. The newly refurbished plant on the southern coast of Maine, USA treats up to 7.5 million litres of waste water per day. Engineering consultants redesigned many of the systems and processes at the facility and replaced all the existing electromagnetic flowmeters with Krohne's Optiflux instruments.

The Optiflux incorporates advanced measurement technology, which is highly accurate even when measuring substances with a high bubble or solid content or where there is turbulent flow. The flowmeters installed at Wells Sanitary District are being used to measure sludge recirculation and monitor the amount of effluent that is treated.

In the sludge recirculation area, which forms part of the of the facility's in-line waste activated sludge process, two Optiflux flowmeters are being used to measure the throughput of sludge, which is calculated per minute and per day. Another flowmeter is installed to measure the flow of sludge being removed from the system. The fourth Optiflux is used in the treated effluent area to measure the flow of treated water that flows through the facility.

Dennis Thayler, Superintendent at Wells Sanitary District, said: 'Many people don't realise that these meters operate 24/7, under demanding conditions, so they need to offer superior performance and reliability'. 'The use of accurate and reliable meters in this environment cannot be overstated'. 'Flowmeters are essential to the overall process here - and at any treatment facility, for that matter'.

The Wells Sanitary District now meets all safety standards required by the US environmental protection Agency (EPA) and Maine's Department of Environmental Protection. The Optiflux magmeter provides precise measurement across a wide and demanding range of applications. It can achieve an industry-leading accuracy of 0.15% and reproducibility of 0.06%, even when measuring materials with high solid content or that have turbulent flow.