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Brushless DC motors work smoothly and quietly

Servotechnic has released the Lin Engineering NEMA 17 Brushless DC (BLDC) motors. These motors are ideally suited for applications where high speed and high dynamic torque are a must for the user's application. The NEMA 17 BLDC's provide extremely quiet and smooth operation regardless of speed range, although the optimal performance speed range is 300rev/min to 3000rev/min. These precision motors are also suitable for those who prefer velocity control with an analogue input, do not need holding torque and may be having reliability issues with an existing brushed DC motor. BLDC's are also a good choice for applications that do not have a lot of power and require a higher efficiency motor. The motors are available in four stack lengths: 40.894, 60.96, 81.026, and 100.076mm. Depending upon the stack length, these motors are able to produce up to 0.7485243Nm of peak torque. Applications for these motors include office equipment, packing machines, laboratory automation

Hinges Allow Temporary Positioning

Elesa has taken a new look at the humble hinge and now have a patent pending on the CFP hinge which has three pre-determined settings to allow fixed but temporary positioning of guards, doors, flaps or panels at 80, 120 or 170 degrees. Each position is held by a simple click spring mechanism, ensuring that one-handed operation is easily achieved, keeping the panel in position for ease of access in installation or maintenance. The 50mm CFP is manufactured in resistant technopolymer resin featuring front mounting bolt or screw fixing with clip on covers to provide a clean appearance and prevent build up of material in the bolt/screw heads.