Leuze Supplies Sensors To Label Manufacturer

Herma, which makes self-adhesive labels and label machinery, is using Leuze Electronic's sensors in its new warehouse and logistics centre to detect, identify and protect. When Herma built a modern coating plant for its adhesive materials it also needed an exceptional intra-logistics solution. To support the newly constructed production hall, it built a high-bay warehouse for storing material on rolls, along with conveyor connections to the cutting machines and the packaging systems.

The flow of materials starts at the goods-receiving area, where paper and foil rolls are unloaded from trucks and placed on the lifting table by a clamping truck. Precision positioning of the rolls is achieved using a BPS 34 barcode-positioning system that uses optical position determination, which avoids any mechanical wear and slippage issues and removes the need for reference points. A vertical conveyor then transports the roll to the interior of the goods-receiving hall where a fully automatic gripper gently places it on a transport-system pallet.

This transport system pallet uses 46B series retro-reflective photoelectric sensors to detect presence, exact position and to supply signals to the fire-door control. Solid-2E Safety Light Curtains are used to protect personnel. Transport carts, the position of which is determined by another BPS 34 barcode-positioning system, then transport the rolls to the storage hall, where they are accepted by one of the two high-bay storage cranes. Here, the DDLS 200 data-transmission photoelectric sensor continuously transmits the position data of the high-bay storage crane directly to the control-system PLC.

The position of these high-bay cranes is also ascertained using the BPS 34 barcode-positioning system. Another feature at the high-bay storage area is the use of Rotoscan RS4 safety laser scanners to protect maintenance staff. If during the course of maintenance, inspection or repair, they need to enter the 'storage aisle' danger area, an RS4 laser scanner mounted on the high-bay crane near to the floor level reliably safeguards the traversing area; if a person enters the danger area of a moving crane, the system is shutdown. The advantage is that, for example, if one high-bay crane is shut down for maintenance, then the other crane can continue to work, providing that the safety laser scanner does not detect it approaching the maintenance engineer's location, in which case it will also be shut down.

The raw materials required for an order are retrieved from the high-bay storage unit on a 'channel car' and delivered to the roll-out conveyor. Here, the roll is unpacked and then taken by the fully automatic transport portal, which was specially developed for Herma. This portal stores the roll in a buffer or transports it directly to the roll unwinding/winding machine via a distribution car. At the transport portal/distribution car interface, Leuze Electronic's Robust Multiple Light Beam Safety Devices are used to safeguard the access points to the danger areas.

Numerous PRK 96 retro-reflective photo-electric sensors control the start/stop function at the transfer station, with reflective foils posing no problems. The grippers for the rolls are also equipped with retro-reflective photoelectric sensors and BPS positioning systems.


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