Atmel Launches Microcontroller Products At ESC

Atmel is to launch several new microcontroller products, solutions and platforms at ESC Silicon Valley 2010 in San Jose, California. As more consumer, industrial and wireless applications require lower power consumption for portable, battery-operated devices, higher performance and a more integrated solution to save board space, companies are looking to their suppliers to provide a more complete solution. At ESC Silicon Valley 2010, Atmel will launch several new solutions to address these demands, such as the next generation of general purpose ARM-based embedded MPUs, including the SAM9M11 and SAM9G46 devices.

These solutions are tailored for industrial embedded systems that require secured connectivity and authentication of applications via implementation of hardware encryption and authentication. Atmel will also launch Bitcloud Profile Suite, a complete ready-to-use framework for rapid development of Zigbee-certified applications. The suite includes a complete set of fully functional reference implementations of the Zigbee Application Profiles for Zigbee Smart Energy, Zigbee Building Automation and Zigbee Home Automation.

Atmel is also introducing the RZ600 evaluation kit, a tool accompanying the Bitcloud Profile Suite to enable designers to prototype, develop and deploy Zigbee standards-compliant wireless applications for smart energy, home automation and building automation markets operating in both the worldwide 2.4GHz and the regional 700/800/900MHz frequency bands. Synapse's Snap internet-enabled wireless mesh networking operating system is available to be embedded into the Atmel ATmega128RFA1 single-chip AVR microcontroller with a 2.4GHz RF transceiver, utilising the 2Mbps high-speed mode. The combination offers an internet-enabled wireless mesh network. With Snap's small footprint, it is an ideal fit for Atmel's easy-to-use low-power RF single-chip design.


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