ZF Electronics Unveils Angular Position Sensors

ZF Electronics UK has announced two angular position sensors: the AN1 series intrinsically linear angular position sensor and the AN8 series thin angular position sensor. Both the AN1 series and AN8 series have custom programmable outputs and suit a wide number of applications. The AN101101, the first product in the AN1 range, is a non-contact angular position sensor with fully encapsulated electronics to IEC 60529 IP67. Its magnet/sensor orientation provides intrinsically linear output up to 100deg of electrical rotation without needing electrical compensation.

Maximum rotational mechanical travel is 120deg, with an optional return spring for resistance to CCW movement. Programmed output can be provided or can be carried out by the end user, eliminating mechanical and process tolerances in final assembly. The AN1 series features a rising or falling output slope, with programmable offset, gain temperature compensation and clamping voltage. EMI/ESD protection is provided.

With a product life of more than 10 million full cycles, the AN101101 angular position sensor can withstand 10G peak vibration, 20Hz to 1,000Hz. Operating temperatures can range from -40C to +125C. Applications include throttle and valve position sensing, user interface controls for automotive equipment and gaming consoles, pedal and implement position sensing and gear selection. The Cherry AN8 is a programmable, thin angular non-contact magnetic position sensor capable of continuous full 360deg rotation.

Designed for use with Cherry standard AS500106 magnetic carriers, the AN8 sensor can also be programmed for use with custom magnets. This 5V DC ratiometric device with high misalignment tolerance has no mechanical interface, which prolongs product life. The AN8 absolute angular position sensor with single output can also be manufactured by ZF Electronics with a PWM output option for custom applications. A custom programming option is available for rising or falling output slope with selectable offset, gain and clamp voltage. Electrical specifications include input voltage of 5V DC, +/-10 per cent, and the sensor has an output current range of 8mA.

Maximum overvoltage is 20V DC, reversed voltage is -10V DC. AN8 series thin angular position sensors suit harsh environments and can tolerate operating temperatures from -40C to 125C, with a custom option available to increase to 150C. The sealed design is able to withstand immersion, exceeding IEC 60529 IP67. Applications include PRNDL switches for harsh environments, throttle and pedal position sensing, gear selection and steering wheel position for drive-by-wire systems.


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