XP Releases ECP40 Ultra-Low Profile Power Supplies

XP Power has introduced its ECP40 series of ultra-low profile compact open-frame 40W AC/DC power supplies for industrial or medical applications. Within the range, a total of 14 models are available, comprising single-, dual- and triple-output models. Measuring just 76.2 x 50.8 x 23.0mm for the single-output models and 88.9 x 50.8 x 26.0mm for the multi-output models, the low-profile units provide a high power density starting at 7.4W per cubic inch.

This power-density rating is the best in class compared with similar units in this power range. In addition, the ECP40 is efficient up to 90 per cent and has a no-load power consumption of less than 0.3W, helping designers to ensure their end equipment meets the stringent criteria required by leading energy-efficiency standards such as Energy Star and the EU's ErP directive. Single-output models provide all the popular output voltages from 5 to 48V DC.

Dual-output units offer combinations of 5V DC and 12, 15 or 24V DC outputs. Triple-output units add +12, -12 or -15V DC options. All models accommodate the wide universal input range of 85 - 264V AC. The ECP40 also features a peak-load capability that allows the power supply to deliver up to 130 per cent of rated power for a maximum of 30 seconds. This makes the series ideal for designs that require a high-power output for a short duration, such as starting a motor, without having to specify a higher rated, larger and more costly power supply.

Suiting most operating temperature environments, from -10C to +70C, the convection-cooled units require no additional heat sinking or forced air-flow, making them ideal for designs where space is at a premium. Full output power is available up to +50C. The ECP40 series meets medical-safety standard IEC60601-1 and the IEC60950 specification for IT and industrial equipment. The units also comply with the EN55022 level-B standard for both conducted and radiated emissions without the need for additional filtering components.

Overvoltage, overload and short-circuit protection features are included as standard across the whole range. The units are available from Farnell or direct from XP Power and come with a three-year warranty.


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