Wrightstyle Develops Bullet-Resistant Glazing

Steel glazing systems specialist, Wrightstyle has partnered with Safetell to design and test a bullet-resistant glazing system. Safetell designs, manufacturers and installs a range of fixed and reactive security screens, counters, security glazing systems, and security doors, used daily in banks, post offices, railway stations and petrol forecourt stores.

Safetell's systems provide protection for staff against violence and attack in the workplace and prevent robbery. These protection systems can either be bullet-resistant or manual-attack resistant. The independent tests were successfully carried out by Wiltshire Ballistic Services and passed to BS EN 1522/1523 threat level FB4 (against a .44 or .357 Magnum hand gun) and threat level FSG (against a 12-gauge shotgun with a solid lead slug) without spalling on the safe side.

Wrightstyle was chosen by Safetell because of the company's high performance but ultra-slim SR6040 curtain walling system. The SR6040 system can also be fitted using hidden fixing brackets, therefore providing a safe and aesthetic solution for counter top or ticket booth applications.

Increased awareness of health and safety legislation, and the need to provide staff with a safe working environment, has prompted companies and utilities to take more stringent measures to protect employees. Safetell products are designed to provide maximum choice between open trading environments with reactive security screens, to the most aesthetic security glazing solutions, offering a full range of attack resistance levels.


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