Wireless Access Point Doubles Up As Repeater

Aaxeon Technologies has announced the release of its latest IP67-rated 802.11b/g high-powered outdoor access point/bridge. The APX-3000 features a wireless distributed system (WDS) function that lets the unit act as a wireless LAN access point and repeater at the same time. This function can be used to develop large wireless networks in areas such as airports, hotels, schools and so on. WDS enables networks to be bridged between multiple areas where it is impossible to deploy cable connections.

The APX-3000 also has Station Mode, which allows network devices that only have wired Ethernet support access wireless LAN without changing any of the device's original configurations. In addition, with its 1W radio, the APX-3000 can be used to bridge distances much greater than the typical access point with only a 100mW radio. The APX-3000's metal enclosure is IP67 rated, ensuring the unit is protected against rain and dust.

Users can configure the APX-3000 through a user interface via web browser. The APX-3000 includes support for: WPA/WPA2 security-enhanced functions; wireless distributed system bridge mode; roaming link integrity; and authentication for wireless connectivity based on ESSID. It provides 64/128-bit key length WEP data encryption and MAC access control. The unit also provides high data rates of up to 54Mbps network speed and supports Power-over-Ethernet (PoE).


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