Welding Machine Has Infinite Voltage Pre-Selection

The range of synergy-controlled welding power sources in the Qineo series from Cloos has been completed with the inverter power source Qineo Tronic on IGBT basis. The welding machine with infinite voltage pre-selection is available in capacity classes 350, 450 and 600A, and is suitable for manual and automated welding. The multi-process system can be individually configured and is suitable for the processes MIG/MAG - synergy mode or individual parameter setting, TIG and electrode.

The Qineo Tronic user software also enables Rapid Weld high-capacity welding with the advantages of MAG single-wire welding of thick-walled steel components. The operating modes two-cycle, four-cycle, super four-cycle, spot/interval and external (robot operation) are available. Depending on the individual application, the inverter power source can be equipped with the operating modules Eco, Master or Premium, which are available in the Qineo programme as options.

From the Master version onwards, it is possible to generate, store and protect 999 jobs against unacceptable data changes. When programming jobs, the user is led through dynamically supported graphics on the operating surface. The Premium version also makes it possible for the customer to create synergic characteristic curves and multi-channel weld-data monitoring.

It includes an extensive diagnostic system for quality assurance and the allocation of multi-level access rights. The Qineo Tronic is available in compact design, or with a separate wire drive unit. A portable remote control offers high welding flexibility. The Qineo Tronic automation concept provides ready-to-weld packages for all market-leading welding robots.


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