Welding Chamber With Real-Time Weld-Purge Monitor

West Country Welding Supplies, in partnership with German manufacturer MBraun, has introduced a purpose-built chamber for the titanium welding market. The chamber is built of stainless steel and has a simple and intuitive operation. A removable feed-through plate gives the opportunity to adapt the system to suit different welding equipment.

Designed to be used as a simple low-cost ready-to-weld solution, the welding chamber can also be upgraded to suit more demanding applications, for example with a vacuum chamber or a gas-purification system to save on argon usage. It can be combined with Huntingdon Fusion Techniques' Argweld PPM Weld Purge Monitor, which gives real time read-out of the oxygen content.

Together with MBraun, West Country Welding can offer a turn-key solution for all inert-gas welding applications for the aerospace, motorsport and pharmaceutical industries.


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