Website Features Clean Energy Campaign And Guide

Sierra Instruments' redesigned website features a campaign focusing on clean energy solutions and a PDF version of its new 40-page 'Sierra Clean Energy Guide'. The campaign, entitled 'Think Ahead', is located on the site's new landing page. The guide explains how the company has partnered with customers from all over the world to develop sustainable solutions in response to various environmental problems.

The 'Sierra Clean Energy Guide' features flow measurement tools that help create biofuel from solid wastes. The guide also unlocks the carbon history in Antarctic ice and determines how much CO2 the ocean can digest.

The website was developed to make it easier for customers to identify and select the right flow control and monitoring instrument for their applications and get product information and quotes faster. Access to sales and technical support has been enhanced to put customers in touch with one of 150 branches in more than 50 countries, according to the company. Quick links are intended to make it easier for visitors to download Sierra's technical literature or white papers or view educational videos.


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