Vinculum VNC2 Enhances Functionality Of The VNC1L

Alpha Micro Components has added the Vinculum VNC2 from Future Technology Devices (FTDI) to its portfolio. The VNC2 is the latest addition to the Vinculum range of USB host controller ICs and suits a broad range of USB consumer and industrial-related applications, including camera, mobile accessories, data loggers, toys, keyboards, game-controller interfacing, point-of-sale applications, medical devices and USB-to-USB bridges.

The VNC2 is a programmable dual USB 2.0 full-speed host/slave system-on-chip (SOC) controller that builds on and enhances the capacities and functionality of the VNC1L, the initial member of FTDI's Vinculum range. This has been achieved while reducing the device cost as well as introducing the capability for designers to develop their own application firmware and program the host controller themselves. VNC2 comes with a fully supported software-development tool suite that is wrapped up in a GUI integrated design environment (IDE).

This is a free-of-charge and royalty-free software-development environment. It includes a compiler, driver, libraries, RTOS kernel, linker and debugger, allowing designers to fully utilise the increased memory and multitude of communication protocols handled by VNC2. The software-development toolkit is based on the 'C' language and provides a comprehensive suite of object files to provide support for USB-host functionality, including USB flash-drive (BOMS) storage, HID, USB COMMs class and FAT-file functionality.


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