Ventilation Ductwork To Be Installed At CCGT Plant

Senior Hargreaves is to install specialised ventilation ductwork at EDF Energy's new combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power station in West Burton. The GBP2m order was placed via mechanical services engineering company SPIE Matthew Hall. The project includes the supply of pre-insulated process ductwork; heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) ductwork; emergency smoke control and extract ductwork; and corrosion-resistant PVC ducts.

EDF Thermal Engineering in Paris was responsible for all engineering and procurement and is the principal management contractor. As a result of the high-speed building programme, Senior Hargreaves will be supplying equipment to a strict batch schedule with ductwork pre-kitted and including all the necessary fittings and consumables for a fast site installation. Each colour-coded batch of ventilation equipment will be supplied with detailed identification documentation and packing lists.

The first ductwork shipment began in November and shipments will continue until April 2010. Temperature-resisting process ductwork will be required for the main turbine halls. These double-skin pre-insulated ducts are designed for sustained exposure to high-temperature exhaust gases.

Within the building envelope, this will be protected by galvanising, while externally a long-life paint finish will be applied. A Senior Hargreaves HFD fire duct will also be used extensively throughout the buildings to provide emergency smoke control and removal. This heavily insulated duct meets requirements for stability, integrity and insulation and is designed and tested to achieve two-hour fire resistance with internal temperatures of up to +400C.

Other specialist constructions used on the site include corrosion-resistant PVC ductwork for battery and chemical rooms. Standard ductwork will be used elsewhere on the 12-building complex for general comfort ventilation and air conditioning. The West Burton CCGT power station will enter service in 2011, will serve up to 1.5 million homes and has a projected operating life of 25 years.


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