Ultrasonic Flowmeter For Hydrocarbon Applications

Siemens' Industry Automation Division has developed an ultrasonic flowmeter for the hydrocarbon industry. The Sitrans FUT1010 features the almost-maintenance-free Transloc mounting system, which allows the transducers to be mounted on the outside of the pipe, preventing contact with the medium. The company claims that this approach allows the externally mounted transducers to be calibrated for greater accuracy.

It also alleviates the clogging of cavities by high-paraffin liquids - this is typically seen in conventional flowmeters used in hydrocarbon applications. Transloc also ensures less maintenance and downtime, leading to a low cost of ownership and an improved return on investment, according to Siemens. The combination of Wide Beam ultrasonic transit time flow technology with the delivery of the entire meter run, including the segments for upstream, downstream and the flow conditioner, can be calibrated to American Petroleum Institute (API) and American Gas Association (AGA) specifications.

It also ensures that the Sitrans FUT1010 achieves accurate flow measurement. The Sitrans FUT1010 is available in two versions: one for gas and one for liquids measuring viscosities up to 2,800 centistokes. The instrument is suitable for upstream, midstream and downstream measurement tasks, such as check metering, process control and underground storage surveillance. As it can be installed on small and large pipes, it is suitable for nearly any application, including custody transfer applications that require laboratory calibration.


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