Tru Temp Protects Oil-And-Gas Drilling Components

Birchwood Casey Metal Finishes' Tru Temp low-temperature black-oxide process provides a protective black-oxide coating to valves, couplings, pumps and associated oil-and-gas drilling components. The Tru Temp process is a safe and simple method for applying a high-quality black oxide finish on many types of equipment used in drilling, production and refining operations.

Ideal for critical parts in storage or shipment, the Tru Temp finish protects critical surfaces against corrosion while offering break-in lubricity and anti-galling protection. The process can be installed in any plant setting without endangering personnel or surrounding equipment. Tru Temp solutions contain no EPA-regulated chemicals, so there is usually no need for waste-treatment equipment.

In most installations, Tru Temp rinse waters are sewerable as non-hazardous discharge. This benefit simplifies installation and minimises the modest capital investment for setting up a Tru Temp process line. The Tru Temp finish does not change critical dimensions, yet it affords robust protection from galling and corrosion without impairing fit and function, even in tight tolerance assemblies. At the same time, the Tru Temp coating enhances overall appearance quality and sales appeal, thereby allowing critical components to be marketed as premium-grade products that command higher selling prices than unblackened or standard-grade components.

The satin black Tru Temp finish is just 0.5 microns thick (20 millionths) with no effect on material hardness or load-bearing properties. The finish withstands up to 100-200 hours of neutral salt spray (ASTM B 117) or several hundred hours of humidity (ASTM D 1748), verified by independent testing. This high level of corrosion protection is important for both part storage and shipment in corrosive atmospheres, including ocean shipment. Conventional 290F (143.3C) hot oxide processes have a tendency for splattering and boil-over, making them extremely hazardous to operate.

Some phosphate processes operate at lower temperatures, but can cause hydrogen embrittlement of the steel through extended contact with acidic process baths. By contrast, the Tru Temp solution operates at only 200F (93.3C) and uses mild alkaline chemistry that does not embrittle the steel. Total processing time is just 25 minutes. Small parts can be processed in bulk loads or larger parts can be finished on racks. Most existing tank lines can be retrofitted for Tru Temp at low cost. New process lines are available at modest cost from Birchwood Casey, including its user-proven and fully automated CNC programmable hoist systems.


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