Tool Removes Spatter From MIG Welding Consumables

To minimise spatter buildup and help extend the life of robotic MIG welding consumables, Tregaskiss has introduced its Tough Gard Spatter Cleaner. This compact, all-in-one spatter-cleaning station runs on as little as 60psi, is hard wired to integrate easily with existing robotic or PLC automation controls (runs on 24V DC) and has been designed to effectively remove spatter buildup from MIG welding consumables.

With these features, the Tough Gard Spatter Cleaner lessens the frequency of MIG consumable changeover, resulting in greater arc-on time, plus lower overall consumable and operating costs. The cleaner features a factory-installed sprayer and wire cutter that minimises the need and cost for separate peripherals, and also maximises space within the robotic weld cell.

Tough Gard's footprint is 9.75in (l) x 9.75in (w) x 17.5in (h). The wire cutter redresses the welding wire to a clean and consistent length to ensure accurate arc starting, while the sprayer applies a thin layer of Tough Gard Anti-Spatter Liquid to protect the front-end consumables. When exposed to heat, the anti-spatter liquid creates a protective barrier that resists spatter accumulation, keeping the consumables clean and extending their life.


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