Tiny 10MHz Scope Adapter Offers Signal Isolation

Saelig has brought out USBscope50, which it claims is one of the world's smallest USB DSOs (digital storage oscilloscopes). USBscope50 combines a small form factor - similar to a memory stick - with the high performance associated with much larger bench-type products. Powered from a USB port, USBscope50's modular design lets the user configure a single channel or up to four channels when using multiple adapters.

A proprietary synchronisation system ensures tight signal channel-to-channel matching and concurrent triggering. USBscope50 is small enough to be carried in a shirt pocket or laptop bag and uses standard BNC oscilloscope probes. USBscope50 has many features common on bench scopes, such as AC/DC coupling, programmable trigger threshold and edge modes, pre- and post-trigger, programmable input offset, 50MSps 8-bit sampling (1Gsps equivalent time-sampling for repetitive input waveforms) and 3V/30V/300V input ranges with a x10 scope probe.

It also has features that are sometimes unavailable in expensive scopes, such as 300V Cat II galvanic input isolation between BNC ground and USB ground. This means that there is no DC path through USBscope50 from the scope ground clip to the PC's ground. Measured signals can be displayed with the supplied scope software and stored or printed on the attached PC.


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