Time-Saving Device For SD/SDIO Engineers

Elan Digital has announced the availability of a time-saving device for all engineers working on SD- and SDIO-related projects. Until now, the testing of SD/SDIO host ports has involved setting up expensive and often complex test rigs, which can add to project development times and overhead costs, according to the company. Elan's SDLBT5 device allows the user to set up customised SD/SDIO commands and responses via a USB memory stick.

The company claims that this enables the fast and accurate exercising and de-bugging of SD/SDIO host ports. Powered from the USB port on a PC, the device will apply user-specified SD/SDIO command sequences and record the responses for analysis on a PC; alternatively, the results may be observed directly on the device under test. The simple graphical user interface supplied with the SDLBT5 running on a PC allows the user to configure the required tests and save to a USB memory stick.

The memory stick is then plugged into the USB host port on the SDLBT5 prior to applying the test sequence to the device. Elan plans to release a loopback test tool for SD/SDIO devices in the near future and already supplies a full-feature SD/SDIO tracer, which can be upgraded to a full analyser.


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