SKF Large-Diameter Seals Prevent Ingress Of Dust

SKF has launched its latest range of HDSF2 large-diameter seals with PTFE excluder lip to protect bearings from the ingress of abrasive dust and particles. The HDSF2 range of seals is said to be ideal for a range of power, cement, mining and quarrying applications. In particular, the seals enable the typical operating life of bearings in horizontal grinding mills, coal pulverisers and vertical rolling mills to be more than doubled, helping end users to improve productivity while reducing repair and maintenance costs.

Bearings fitted with conventional seals and used in plant and equipment that is exposed to high levels of abrasive dust are highly susceptible to rapid degradation, of bearing and shaft surfaces and of lubricants; this can often lead to premature failure within months of operation. To address this problem, the latest HDSF2 seals incorporate a standard primary elastomer sealing lip and metal case, plus an additional hardwearing PTFE excluder lip that is integrated within the body of the seal.

This is designed to operate dry, with minimal friction torque, and requires no additional lubrication. In tests carried out by SKF, the HDSF2 large-diameter seals were found to be twice as effective at preventing the ingress of abrasive dust and other contaminants as traditional lip seals. HDSF2 seals can be used at operating temperatures between -40C and +200C and are suitable for use in equipment with shaft diameters from 165-1,606mm.


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