Schenck Machine Enables Crankshaft Balancing

Schenck Rotec is presenting a complete solution for the automatic balancing of crankshafts. On a footprint of less than 4m2, this twin-station machine is said to offer everything that is required for the productive balancing of small and medium-sized crankshafts. Whether single-cylinder or V6 crankshafts, up to 500mm long and up to 20kg, the Ceno can be used for the fast and accurate measurement and correction of all common crankshaft types.

Depending on the relevant manufacturing strategy, the Ceno can be configured for manual or automatic loading. Since it is designed with an overlapping cycle for measurement and correction of two crankshafts simultaneously, it can replace up to four manual balancing systems, according to the company. The operator loads the unbalanced crankshaft and removes the balanced part, and all other process steps - unbalance measurement, correction and audit check - take place automatically.

In practical tests, average cycle times of well below one minute have been achieved. The operating costs of the machine alone have been reduced by 35 per cent. This has been achieved by the use of energy-saving drives and the consistent application of light construction principles, as well as by dispensing with inefficient hydraulic and cooling systems. The basis for effective working with the Ceno is created by the advanced and consistent operating concept of the machine.

According to the company, the mechanical set up is quick and easy, the measurement system (CAB 950) and the control equipment (Siemens) are self explanatory, the operating aids (such as the multi-function button) guide the user through the process and all functions of the machine are easily accessible. Further productivity advantages of the Ceno include dispensing with master weights, fast tool changeover and simple swarf disposal.


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