Round TFT LCD Features Built-In MPU System

Anders Electronics has announced the availability of its 2.3in round TFT LCD. Offering indoor and outdoor optical specifications, guaranteed availability and flexible manufacturing volume options, the 2.3in TFT is suitable for automotive, consumer, industrial and marine applications, traditionally requiring mechanical dials or gauges.

The lightweight, slim and compact (240 x (RGB) x 240 pixels) display is comprised of an octagonal display and bezel, with a circular aperture in the bezel giving the display its round face. Featuring pixel-in-stripe configuration, the display also offers a built-in 16-bit parallel MPU system bus interface - eliminating the need for an external LCD controller. The amorphous silicon-based colour TFT display was developed for use in an extended -30C to 80C temperature range.

The displays offer high colour saturation, surface luminance of 1,000cd/m2 resulting in good sunlight readability, contrast ratio of 400:1, 65,000 colours and extra-wide viewing angles of 75/75/50/75deg. Anders also offers a range of display enhancements, including EMI filters (low ohm ITO coatings and wire mesh filters), filters for light optics, plus a variety of finishes, polarisers, retarders, EMI Windows, broadband PET, anti-reflective and light control films for extra privacy.


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