Rotoform System Handles Sulphur At Oil Refineries

Petroleo Brasileiro (Petrobras), a Latin American oil producer, is using Sandvik's Rotoform solidification technology to handle the increasing volumes of sulphur produced at its Brazil refineries. The eight Sandvik Rotoform lines are located in four different Petrobras refineries awaiting start-up as part of an investment programme being undertaken by Petrobras in new or revamped refinery operations.

The Rotoform system works by depositing droplets of liquid sulphur across a continuously running steel belt. Water is sprayed against the underside of the steel belt and, as the sulphur is carried along the cooler, the resulting transfer of heat converts the liquid droplets into solid pastilles.

The need to increase sulphur solidification capacity is the result of a combination of environmental regulations requiring reduced levels of sulphur in fuels (hence greater volumes being extracted) and continuing growth in the overall output from the company's oil fields in the region. Over the next decade, Petrobras expects to more than double its oil production in Brazil, currently around two million barrels a day, and is maintaining its focus on sustainable production.


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