Raidstor Provides Transparent Cross-Network

Elma Electronic is offering the 6211 cPCI Raidstor with up to 1.2 TB in a single cPCI slot or 2.4 TB with two slots. The new 6U CompactPCI blade network attached storage (NAS) board provides automatic and transparent cross-network or intra-blade data replication and re-sync for enhanced data security and preservation. The Raidstor is suitable for use in any embedded application demanding high availability and reliability.

Data-intensive applications, message processing, network-centric military applications, redundant self-hosted web servers or storage repositories as well as transaction processing and logging applications benefit from the cPCI Raidstor. Standard with dual 2.5in SATA hard-disk drives, the new Raidstor also comes in lower-capacity configurations. Front panel, removable drive canisters with hot swap enable what Elma claims is the fastest mean time to repair (MTTR) in the industry.

Solid-state drives can also be used for rugged, high-capacity Raid reliability. The cPCI Raidstor can be arranged in a single- or dual-star network topology to provide complete redundancy in network paths as well as port failover services enabled or disabled with a single command for continuous-system availability. The cPCI Raidstor is configurable to Raid level 0 (data striping) for increased bandwidth as well as Raid level 1 (data mirroring) or Raid level 5 (distributed parity - requires dual blade/four-drive configuration) for data redundancy.

Users can monitor the blade via a web browser and perform some management functions via SNMP or a serial command line. Each Raidstor is equipped with one front-panel Gbit Ethernet RJ45 port and two ports via the P0 connector to enable connections to multiple networks. Pricing for the 6211 cPCI Raidstor starts at USD5,000 (GBP3,300) for single-slot configurations and USD6,000 for a dual-slot version, capacity dependent. Delivery is six to eight weeks ARO.


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