Pole Camera Examines Tops Of Tall Industrial Plant

The Pole Camera from Ultrafine Technology is designed to simplify the task of examining the tops of tall industrial plant, such as turbines, generators or boilers. A compact video camera mounted on a lightweight telescopic pole enables the operator to examine out-of-sight areas without the need for ladders or costly scaffolding. In low light levels, the colour camera automatically switches to black-and-white infrared mode, with the image illuminated by a built-in array of infrared light-emitting diodes (LEDs).

The four-section anodised aluminium pole extends up to 152cm in length and is fitted with quick-release clamps designed to be operated with gloved hands. The camera has a 2.97mm lens and IP67 environmental protection for use in all weathers. A separate 63.5mm viewing screen is supplied with neck and waist straps and fits in a Cordura pouch. A compact, foldable, three-wheel trolley is also included in the kit, which, when attached to the camera head, enables it to be slid under plant and machinery for inspection from below.

Power is supplied from eight rechargeable 12V NMH batteries (charger supplied) or via a 12VDC mains adapter. Standard non-rechargeable AA batteries can also be used. The whole kit weighs 5kg and is housed in a soft fitted bag with a carry handle and shoulder straps. As well as a range of applications in the industrial sector, the Pole Camera is suitable for use in the transport sector, such as for inspecting the tops of vehicles or railway tunnels or in aircraft maintenance.


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