Pepperl And Fuchs Tool Validates Segment Design

Pepperl and Fuchs has introduced the Segment Checker version 1.20 tool for validating the design of all Foundation fieldbus and Profibus PA segments, even in hazardous areas. Users drag and drop components into the project window and edit the attributes to build a fieldbus segment. New to version 1.20 are the latest Fieldconnex fieldbus products and enhanced calculations for fieldbarriers used in the High Power Trunk method.

Additionally, Segment Checker 1.20 allows users to export a project in a graphic format for use in different media. 'Segment Checker automatically calculates the voltage drop and load current on a fieldbus segment for any given configuration,' said Brian Traczyk, product manager, Pepperl+Fuchs. 'The user simply chooses the explosion protection method such as Fisco, Entity, FNICO and High Power Trunk, or the safe area, and segment design error checking makes clear whether the desired configuration is workable,' he added. Segment Checker allows users to intuitively check operational parameters to validate fieldbus segment architecture.

It also allows users to display, archive and print an entire design, and import field devices from a library, or create new devices with the device-editor feature. Users can click on a device for direct access to the most up-to-date technical and product information on the Pepperl and Fuchs website. Cables can be tagged and attributes defined by the user. Spur cable length can also be set to a defined number, eliminating repetitive editing in larger projects. Segment Checker is compatible with Microsoft Windows Vista and Windows 7.


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