Pecod Analyser Measures Chemical Oxygen Demand

Camlab has launched Pecod, a true on-line monitor that enables accurate real-time analysis of chemical oxygen demand (COS). The Pecod analyser, which is capable of generating a reading every 15min, is said to provide high-quality analysis data of waste or discharge streams. On-line, real-time monitoring of processes enables them to be adjusted in real time to reduce energy use, make downstream treatment more cost-effective and prevent waste of expensive ingredients.

The core of the on-line technology is the Pecod sensor, which gives the instrument the ability to analyse samples more accurately than the traditional dichromate method and does not require the use of toxic reagents such as mercury and silver salts. The increased sensitivity of the method enables the measurement of clean water samples with low ppm levels of COD.

The sensor consists of a UV-activated titanium dioxide film coupled to an external electrochemical circuit. The high oxidising power of the sensor is said to give the analyser a significant advantage compared with the traditional dichromate method. The Pecod COD analyser exhaustively oxidises organics, and counts the electrons that are liberated to provide a direct measure of equivalent COD.


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