Oventrop Aquastrom Valves Used At Care Village

Oventrop UK has supplied all the regulating valves used in the heating systems of a new retirement village in Birmingham. The New Oscott Retirement Village at Erdington is managed by The ExtraCare Charitable Trust in partnership with Birmingham City Council, Midland Heart and the Homes and Communities Agency. The apartments are in a half-moon shaped block comprising three floors and covered walkways with resident controlled access.

Five gas fired condensing boilers, housed in a ground floor plant room within the building, serve low surface temperature radiators in the apartments and ceiling units in the common areas. Each apartment has between four or six radiators depending upon size and position. Each lounge radiator is controlled by a roomstat which can switch the apartment heating off/on as required. Oventrop double regulating and differential pressure valves are used throughout the building to control system balance.

Each apartment is fitted with an Oventrop Aquastrom T Plus multifunction domestic hot water, secondary circulation regulating valve on the DHW return leg, as well as thermostatically controlling temperature and flow in the system. The valve is factory preset and provides significant energy savings by eliminating cold deadlegs and the risk of Legionnella bacteria growth.


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