Optrex TFT LCDs Have White LED Backlights

Optrex America has developed a line of TFT LCDs with white LED backlights to meet increasing demand for LED backlighting in the industrial LCD market. These displays feature longer lifetimes (an average of 60,000 hours), with front-of-screen brightness levels ranging from 400cd/m2 to 700cd/m2 for indoor use and 800cd/m2 to 1,500cd/m2 for outdoor applications. Additional features include wide viewing angles up to 160, high-contrast ratios up to 1,000:1, and wide operating and storage temperature ranges.

Available display sizes include 2.0in, 3.0in, 3.5in, 4.3in, 5.0in, 6.5in, 8.4in, 10.4in, 12.1in and 15.0in diagonal, with a variety of resolutions to choose from. Optrex LED-backlit LCDs are said to offer advantages over conventional CCFL-backlit LCDs, including no warm-up time at low temperatures, lower power consumption, higher dimming ratios, and, because they do not require high-voltage and high-frequency inverter circuits, reduced electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Since LED backlights contain no mercury, these displays offer a more environmentally friendly option as well. These displays also offer Optrex's Natural Color Matrix (NCM) technology, a colour transformation algorithm implemented in the hardware that provides real-time on-the-fly processing to precisely match the colours specified in a data source for vivid colour reproduction. Additional features include industrial standard CMOS and LVDS interfaces for easy system development.

To ease the customer's transition from CCFL-backlit displays, many of the LED-backlit displays have the same mounting locations and sizes, saving on redesign and development costs. Each of the panels is compatible with Optrex's conventional CCFL-backlit TFT LCDs of the same size and resolution. The LED backlight rails are also field-replaceable. Optrex's LED backlit LCDs are designed for a board range of applications, including test and measurement, factory automation, navigation and avionics systems, point-of-sale and ATM machines, and medical equipment.


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