Omron JX Inverter Drives Enable Conveyor Control

The compact Omron JX inverter drives are designed to save customers time and money in a range of applications including conveyor, fan and pump control. Available in single-phase versions with ratings up to 2.2kW and three-phase versions with ratings up to 7.5kW, these compact drives feature integral EMC filters as standard and provide RS485 Modbus connectivity without the need for additional hardware.

Within the JX series, an advanced PWM technology is implemented that suppresses the micro-surge voltages that, with some drives, can cause malfunctions in 400V motors. Also featured is an integral PID function, making the drives suitable for use with pumps and fans, and an automatic energy-saving feature that maximises cost savings in applications of this type. The RS485 Modbus communication port is built into the front of the drives, making it easy to connect the units to existing networks.

When the drives are used in conjunction with Omron PLCs, all of which incorporate Modbus-RTU Easy Master functionality, setting up the network communications is said to be equally straightforward. JX drives can store parameter settings for two different motors, allowing them to be switched between the motors as required. JX inverter drives are fully RoHS compliant and free from all banned substances.


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