National Electronics Week Announces ART Seminars

National Electronics Week has announced details of a seminar programme being run on 18-19 May at the NEC in Birmingham in conjunction with Advanced Rework Technology (ART). The on-floor 'State of the ART' seminars will feature a comprehensive programme that will include speakers such as Kyzen Corporation's Mike Bixenman, Cyan Technology's George Milne, ART's Barry Morris, Freescale Semiconductor's Carl Culshaw, Spectrum Technologies' Gareth Lewis, WG-Test's Walter Grandjot and Blackwood Labs' John Davies.

Seminar highlights will include presentations such as 'Putting the spark back into your imports in a volatile foreign exchange market' from Emma Wilson of Currency Solutions; 'ESD protection and control in the coming decade' from Dr Jeremy Smallwood of Electrostatic Solutions; and 'Are patents for electronics really worth it?' from Olivia Johansson of Venner Shipley. ART is an independent, fully accredited IPC-certification training organisation. It provides a variety of electronics companies with IPC-certified training at both instructor and operator level.

Training is carried out using the latest equipment for the soldering and rework of printed circuit boards. The organisation can also provide advice on specialist electronics equipment.


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