Manual Brake Enhances Linear Guide Options

The LBG brake option from Hepcomotion is said to provide a compact and easy method of locking a bearing block in position on its LBG linear ball guide. Stainless-steel bodied to avoid corrosion, the brake is intended for manual locking of a stationary block and can be supplied with a range of brake plates to suit most of the LBG bearing block options. The break assembly has two jaws that, when tightened via the ratchet locking lever, apply equal pressure to the LBG rail to ensure even clamping.

When the brake is applied, the resulting clamping force does not impose any load on the bearing block. Although designed principally to extend the capability of Hepcomotion LBG linear ball guides, the brake is compatible with all other ball guide systems, with which the LBG system is interchangeable. Brakes in sizes 15 through 30 are available ex-stock via the Hepcomotion e-shop in combination with the most popular guide sizes to suit most automation requirements.


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