LVD Offers Sheet Supports For Press Brakes

LVD has provided T-axis CNC programmable sheet supports for its PPEB and Easy-Form series of precision hydraulic press brakes. The use of T-axis programmable CNC sheet supports facilitates one-person operation and enhanced angle repeatability, part quality and ease of material handling, improving overall press-brake productivity. Unlike traditional pneumatic-type sheet supports that typically do not support the part during the entire bending process, LVD's T-axis system features synchronous brushless motors to follow and support the sheet before, during and after bending.

LVD's T-axis sheet supports are fully synchronised with the bending speed of the press brake, providing smooth operation and facilitating an accurate, consistent bending process. T-axis trajectories are calculated automatically by the press-brake control, depending upon the size of the V-die. The sheet is completely supported during bending by the synchronised action of the rotation movement and the vertical movement of the CNC support units.

Two types of T-axis sheet support system are available: a unit for machines from 80 to 220 tons able to support up to a 100kg sheet and a heavy-duty system suitable for press brakes up to 3,200kN (320 tonf) and higher able to support up to 200kg.


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