Lubra Products Target Plastic Cold Forming

Lubriserv has launched a range of products covering, extrusion, stamping, cold heading, drawing, pressing, pilger milling, fin pressing, fin rolling, tube expansion, wire/rod drawing and tube forming. The range of Lubra products for plastic cold forming of metals includes a series of fluids formulated with advanced technologies sensitive to environmental needs and waste regulations. Almost all products are therefore chlorine-free and eco-compatible.

The Extraform Series includes chlorine- and sulphur-free products, which can be used for lubricant/coolant fluid and as a slideway/guide lubricant. Extraform is produced from specialised raw materials and is suitable for the difficult processes of stamping and direct or inverse cold extrusion, such as the production of gudgeon pins, spark-plug shells, ball pins, tube fittings, valve guides, hydraulic connections, Anuba hinges, tubular and semi-tubular rivets of high-carbon steel and stainless steel.

It uses a specialised compound to convert and deposit a solid, thin, strong film on the surface of metals - benefiting tool life and die life, eliminating seizing, reducing down time and enabling easy cleaning. The Deforming SK series are universal compounds suitable for cold stamping, heading and extruding of mild steel, medium- and high-carbon steels, the production of special fasteners for the automotive industry, flange bolts, wood screws and socket screws. It allows high performances on hexagonal allenhead bolts/screws production by horizontal presses such as National, Schuler, Waterbury Farrel, Sacma, Salvi, Sakamura, Asahi Sunac, Jern Yao and JPB.

The Maxidef series for the drawing of rod, bar and wire includes chlorine-free products suitable for skin-passing wire drawing of high-carbon steel, bearing steel (100Cr6), high-alloyed steel and stainless steel. The preparation of wire or rod can be by chemical or mechanical pickling, with or without phosphate coating. Maxidef products are formulated to be used in wire-drawing machine tanks or in the proper die-stock boxes in line with horizontal cold-stamping presses to produce bolts, screws, nuts and automotive parts.

The use of Maxidef allows reduction of wire from 15 up to 25 per cent without compromising the phosphate coating. Products are suitable for round-section bars, square-section bars, flat-section bars and special steel profiles without the need for solid surface-coating lubricants, such as bonder. Maxidef HD is in line with the new European directive of June 2009, due to its low environmental impact and low waste-disposal cost as non-hazardous waste. The range also includes compounds for high-carbon and stainless-steel wire drawing, and is suitable for multi-hole drawing of intermediate diameter wires at high drawing speed.


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