Loctite 3090 Bonds Close-Fitting Parts In 20sec

Henkel Loctite Adhesives has launched Loctite 3090, a two-part cyanoacrylate that is said to significantly increase the versatility of instant adhesives. Along with the traditional benefits - an initial bond within seconds, clear bondline, high strength and easy dispensing - the product allows any exposed adhesive remaining outside of the joint to harden within 2-4min. The company said this additional advantage removes the need for a post-assembly activator and enables larger gap sizes to be readily accommodated.

Loctite 3090 will bond together close-fitting parts in 20sec; even where the gap is 3mm bonding is achieved in less than 90sec. The product can also be used where a more significant gap - up to 5mm - is involved. Loctite 3090, which can be used on a variety of substrates, including plastic, rubber, wood, stone, leather, fabric or metal, is capable of withstanding a force of 20N/mm2.

Application is said to be very easy, with the adhesive available in a pack containing a dual syringe with seven mixer nozzles. These syringes ensure a clean application and also that the correct ratio of each component is always applied. Furthermore, its gel viscosity means the adhesive can be used for vertical or overhead application. The temperature range of the two-part CA is versatile - it can be used between -20C to +80C.


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