Lenze Adds New Modules To Lenze I/O System 1000

Lenze has added a real-time Ethercat bus coupler to the Lenze I/O system 1000. It has also introduced modules that offer new design opportunities such as temperature sensors, counters and encoder evaluation. The I/O system 1000 provides advantages on three levels. With compact modules that are only 12.5m
m wide that can be combined into stations of up to 64, together with a high bandwidth of 48MBits/s, the machine designer can save panel space and achieve even more difficult signal tasks.

There are big gains on installation: modules clip into DIN rails and even the wiring can be done without using tools. Easy-to-fix earth shielding is integrated into the design. Clear labels are visible to the front and the side of the modules and each of up to eight channels has a bright LED indicator. After installation, the handling remains easy: the electronics part of an I/O module can be unclipped and replaced without distributing the wiring. The Ethercat module takes advantage of the high system bandwidth to give a real-time control option.

This links to a full range of both analogue and digital inputs and outputs. Also new are modules to connect thermal sensors, for counting and to evaluate SSI encoder outputs. On large stations where extra current is needed to power sensors, there are additional supply modules that can be used to create different potential groups. With the I/O system 1000 and the new extended options, Lenze has a top-performing system that gives great flexibility combined with cost savings at installation and commissioning.


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