Kapa Express Extract For Rapid DNA Extraction

Anachem has launched Kapa Express Extract, designed to guarantee rapid and efficient extraction of DNA from a range of source material, including various tissue types, blood and processed food. With Kapa Express Extract, use of time-consuming and laborious specialised kits required for traditional DNA extraction methods is eliminated.

The product is a novel thermostable protease and buffer system that extracts PCR-ready DNA from various tissue types in as little as 15min. DNA extractions are performed in a single tube, without the need for hazardous chemicals and multiple washing steps, thereby reducing the risk of sample loss and contamination.

The system has been designed for optimal tissue lysis and DNA preservation, according to Anachem. The company also supplies Kapa2G Robust Hotstart Readymix, which contains a novel DNA polymerase tolerant of carryover inhibitors. It is said to improve PCR success rates when amplifying from crude extracts and is ideal for use with Kapa Express Extract.


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