Iriss Introduces Square Infrared Window

Iriss has expanded its product line of custom application products (CAPs) to include a square infrared (IR) window. Martin Robinson, chief executive officer of Iriss, said: 'The polymer lens material allows us to manufacture the custom windows our customers need in virtually any shape or size. 'This means that for applications where the round IR window is not suitable, customers now have a real solution that works,' he added.

Arby Dickert of Iriss said: 'In the past, the round infrared windows were typically no larger than 4in [10cm]. 'Now, we manufacture a custom solution for assets that do not lend themselves to the traditional round windows, either because they do not give complete coverage or because so many windows were required that it quickly becomes cost prohibitive,' he added.

According to Dickert, Iriss can often take a panel, a machine guard or a cowling and use it as a template to manufacture an IR viewing pane or an optical viewing pane.


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