Invensys Enhances Customer Support Programme

Invensys Operations Management has launched an enhanced Customer First support and services programme. The enhanced Customer First programme offers the flexibility to choose standardised service offerings from four support tiers: Elite, Premium, Standard or Primary. Each tier includes support services for hardware and software products, with elements such as version upgrades, technical support and parts replacement.

The programme also provides access to a range of optional services such as application support, onsite resources and value-added consulting. Invensys Operations Management said the Customer First programme provides support and services that: protect critical investments; maximise asset performance; reduce total cost of ownership; and improve operational performance. The programme offers the flexibility to finance future value-added services, hardware materials and training through Flexible Credits.

Customers can select the tier that best matches their support needs. Additionally, membership of the Customer First programme is said to provide fast access to service and support requests through the company's 3,000 global partners.


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