Integrated Solution Comprises Fibersim And APV

Vistagy's Fibersim composites engineering software and Assembly Guidance Systems' (AGS's) Automatic Ply Verification (APV) system have been integrated. This integration is intended to enable users to quantify and document that hand-laid composite parts have been fabricated correctly. Inspecting each ply during the manufacturing process increases part quality, reduces costs, decreases cycle times and ensures that finished parts are true to the design.

Vistagy's Fibersim provides an end-to-end composites engineering solution that supports everything from analysis, design and manufacturing to quality inspection. As part of the solution, Fibersim automatically generates files from the 3D computer-aided-design model that control the laser projection system during ply layup. The integrated solution will enable users to simultaneously generate APV files, giving the operator a complete set of manufacturing commands.

APV is a feature of the Laserguide laser projection system from AGS and is used to direct the accurate layup of composite plies. APV replaces human inspection with an automated system. As an operator steps through the hand layup sequence with a Laserguide system, APV commands are automatically displayed when a ply inspection is specified. Laserguide projects the position for the operator to place a high-accuracy manually positioned inspector (Hampi) unit, which can verify material type, ply presence, sequence, location and fibre orientation and also detect foreign objects.

Laserguide will not proceed to the next pattern unless the inspection results fall within manufacturing tolerances. Scott Blake, president of AGS, said: 'By integrating APV and Fibersim, we have enabled the computer-generated precision of composite design to control the entire manufacturing process. 'The manufacturing engineer need only verify the tolerances that will be applied to the layup. 'That will lead to a less costly and time-consuming process,' he added.


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