Informatics Solutions For Labs In Mining Industry

Thermo Fisher Scientific is to exhibit its integrated laboratory informatics solutions for the mining industry during Expomin 2010 on 12-16 April. Designed to offer improved efficiencies and increased productivity for modern mining, the company's laboratory information management system (Lims) and chromatography data systems (CDS) have proven capabilities in rugged environments.

The solutions provide real-time feedback on sample deviations, reduce paper and manual processes to increase efficiencies and speed decision-making, integrate systems and standardise processes across multiple labs. Laboratories in the mining industry are focused on improving efficiencies and controlling processes to increase margins, verify the quality of their end products and maintain adherence to local environmental, governmental or other regulatory requirements, such as ISO 17025.

Thermo Scientific Lims and CDS deliver a centralised data management system to access data and extract information, which helps improve laboratory operations and generate faster results. The company said that automating the laboratory with Thermo Scientific Lims and CDS solutions will also increase workflow efficiencies and improve margins. The informatics solutions also provide evidence and documentation to support laboratory compliance with the requirements of ISO 17025, allowing full traceability of personnel and procedures entered and facilitating the review of all incidents, corrective actions, non-conforming results and other events.

Thermo Scientific informatics solutions for the mining industry also provide the foundation for a complete laboratory automation solution by integrating with instruments and laboratory and business systems, including PIMS, MES and ERP solutions. The solutions also feature built-in functionality to handle environmental monitoring of key areas of the laboratory and validation of methods.


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