Imaging-Based Plate Reader Offers Fast Readouts

Hamamatsu introduces the FDSSMCell imaging-based plate reader, specifically developed for compound screening and assay development applications in the pharmaceutical, CRO and biotech industries. The FDSSMCell is optimised for fluorescent kinetic assays using calcium and membrane potential dyes such as FLUO4 and FMP. Dispensing is available in either 96- or 384-well format with exchangeable heads.

Agonist/antagonist assays can be performed in the same run, as two additions are possible. The optional washing system reduces carry over and allows tips to be reused several times. Based on the FDSS series, the MCell is said to feature reliable technology, including the Hamamatsu camera range, to provide high sensitivity and fast readout times. Assay and compounds plates are loaded easily and the assay is ready to start. The software helps users to set assay parameters in a single protocol, which can then be transferred to the FDSS7000 for further screening.


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