Hepcomotion Exhibits SBD Actuator At Mach 2010

At Mach 2010 Hepcomotion will be exhibiting its SBD sealed-belt-drive linear actuator, whose main features will the subject of a range of video displays on the company's stand. Designed for high-duty applications, these products are said to provide a clean linear solution. The small-size addition to the range, SBD 15-60, is based on a linear ball guide and is supplied in increments of 60 to 6,000mm in one piece.

Unlimited lengths can be achieved by joining the beams. Hepcomotion offers stainless steel as a standard choice in all its ranges. The SBD 15-60 is also fully compatible with the company's MCS Machine Construction System, allowing it to be incorporated into any bespoke automation system or machine. The creation of an X-Y-Z system will also be a focus at Mach 2010. Hepcomotion's X-Y-Z systems use a different actuator in each axis, which is said to result in greater overall efficiency, problem-free production and a long service life.

In a typical Hepcomotion system, the X-axis would be a PDU2 linear actuator with ultra-high performance Herculane wheel technology, while the Y-axis would be the high-moment-load version of the same product - the PDU2M. The enhanced linear force and higher gearing needs of the Z-axis are met by the stainless-steel lead-screw-driven PSD80 - another product that uses Herculane wheels. All units fit together using standard components and are easily integrated into frames or more complex machines.

The system can be specified as individual parts, in kit form or fully assembled, and Hepcomotion also provides a complete turnkey service. Also on display, the company's Machine Fencing System provides economical, protective barriers for use around machine installations, gantries and robot systems. This maintenance-free system is simple to construct and provides a low-cost alternative to steel-fence frameworks.


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