Freeman Highlights FT4 Powder Rheometer

Freeman Technology is to highlight its FT4 powder rheometer and the insight that it can offer DPI formulators at Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD) 2010 on 25-29 April. This will be reinforced by a presentation of work from the University of Bath showing a direct correlation between the measured dynamic powder properties and fine particle dose (FPD), a measure of drug delivery efficiency.

Dynamic powder characterisation with the FT4 directly quantifies powder flowability and the response of a formulation to air, a critical property for successful DPI development. To ensure efficient drug delivery a DPI formulation/device combination must be engineered to achieve aerosolisation of the dose to a respirable size during use. Research at the University of Bath has shown a robust correlation between FPD and aerated energy, a measure of how the flowability of the powder changes with the amount of air flowing through it.

This is said to make the FT4 a useful tool for the development of DPI formulations, which are required to disperse easily, with more consistent and less patient-dependent performance. The FT4 combines dynamic testing methodologies with shear and bulk property measurement, to provide comprehensive, process-relevant powder characterisation. Precision engineering in combination with well-defined, automated test procedures deliver good reproducibility and sensitivity.


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