Esprit Software Includes 13 New Machining Cycles

DP Technology will exhibit Esprit 2010 at Intermold/Die and Mold Asia 2010, scheduled for 14-17 April in Osaka, Japan. Exhibits at Intermold 2010, taking place at Intex Osaka, include computer-aided manufacturing, design and engineering solutions, die and mould materials and machine tools. Intermold 2010 will also host seminars on machining-industry hot topics and presentations by industry leaders.

Guests at Intermold/Die and Mold Asia 2010 are encouraged to visit the Esprit display, at which representatives of DP Technology will be available to discuss and demonstrate vital upgrades. Esprit 2010 includes 13 new Freeform three- and five-axis machining cycles that are available for milling, mill-turn and Swiss-turn machine tools. These high-speed, multi-axis machining cycles offer a variety of choices and capabilities for Esprit customers who are performing 3D machining.

Additions for three-axis include a roughing cycle that can also be used for rest machining, seven new finishing cycles and three specialised cycles: 3D contouring, pencil tracing and corner machining. Two specialised five-axis machining cycles are also included within this release: swarf machining and impeller machining.


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